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Lincoln University

Lincoln University students enthusiastically observe the Chef in preparing Indonesian special dish in the two-week inbound exchange program starting from Monday, January 1 to Sunday, January 14.

UNAIR NEWS – Seventeen students and the Dean from Lincoln University in the inbound exchange program organized by Universitas Airlangga through Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) made the most of the program as they get new experiences and skills.

It was seen from their activity on Monday afternoon, January 8. Located at Sages Institute, the 17 students were in a cooking class to learn to cook Indonesian food.

“Today we will cook three traditional Indonesian dishes, sambal bawang, fried rice, and pepes, “said Head of Student Affairs and Public Relations Victor M. Manaf opening cooking class.

In the cooking class, the participants were divided into groups. There are two people in a group. One student from Lincoln University and one from UNAIR.

Although the ingredients and recipes are available on each table of each group, they still had to struggle with their cooking as the ingredients are new to them. They had to learn how to prepare the dish with banana leaves.

“It was amazing and fun,” said Rachiel, one of the participants as well as students of Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce Lincoln University.

Although they already tasted the dish, Rachiel still got different impression with other Indonesian cuisine. Because, according to her, Indonesian cuisine is very diverse. In addition, the seasoning is strong compared to the cuisine in New Zealand.

“The spices are varied. It is mixed with many types of spices. Very strong. Unlike in my country (New Zealand, ed), “said the blonde woman while cooking fried rice.

Some of the male participants also seemed excited. In fact, the Dean of Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce of Lincoln University Prof. Dr. Hugh Bigsby took the cooking class very seriously. His hands were skilled enough to chop shallots, garlic and chillies, also when pouring oil and adding seasonings.

Meanwhile, Tika Widiastuti, SE., M.Si., Head of the Inbound Exchange Program Committee stated that the cooking class was one of a series of events held from Monday, January 1 to Sunday, January 14. In the schedule, she continued, participants will hold a meeting with the Consulate General of New Zealand in Surabaya tonight.

“So, there are non-academic activities. Today, there is an agenda of cooking Indonesian food, especially Surabaya. Previously, they also followed traditional dance class, tried traditional games, and studied the construction or architecture of Indonesian culture, “she said. “Before cooking class, this morning they attended the lecture (in FEB, ed),” she added. (*)

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