UNAIR Gresik and Lamongan Lecturers Attend Education Standardization Friday, 12 January 2018 01:41

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Lecturers from the former Akper Lamongan and Gresik during a workshop organized by UNAIR Center for Learning and Certification Innovation (PIPS) on Monday, January 8. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – There were 20 Universitas Airlangga’s educators from Gresik and Lamongan (from the former Nursing Academy Gresik and Lamongan) attended a workshop program organized by UNAIR Center for Learning and Certification Innovation (PIPS).

The one-month workshop is aimed to improve pedagogic competence of UNAIR faculty in Gresik and Lamongan. The activities are conducted through the Basic Instructional Skills Technique Improvement Workshop (PEKERTI), Applied Approach(AA) Workshop , and materials on UNAIR.

Regarding this matter, the Head of PIPS UNAIR Yuni Sari Amalia, SS, MA., Ph.D., stated that in addition to being a forum for standardizing teaching staff competencies of UNAIR Gresik and Lamongan which previously was nursing academy, it is also one of the media to provide insight about UNAIR.

“They (former lecturer of Nursing Academy, ed) are already become parts of UNAIR, not only physically, but mentally and philosophically they must also share the vision and missions of UNAIR, “said Yuni to UNAIR NEWS.

Furthermore, with such activities, UNAIR lecturer of English Literature also hoped that the term Akper Gresik and Lamongan will not be used anymore. For her, bringing and building an educational institution requires unity of vision and missions.

“Therefore, sharing similar perception is very important especially in a big institution like UNAIR, ” she added.

Not only knowledge on UNAIR, AA, and PEKERTI, the 20 faculty members will be provided with curriculum insights and quality assurance that conform to UNAIR standards. At the end, Yuni stated that in the future E-Learning program will also be given to lecturers.

“So, it’s become a regular program that we conduct continuously,” she concluded. (*)

Source : http://news.unair.ac.id/en/2018/01/08/unair-gresik-lamongan-lecturers-attend-education-standardization/

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