Brunei Student Learn About Nature and Culture in Fieldwork Thursday, 08 February 2018 01:42

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesia has a lot of natural richness, culture, language and tradition. Therefore, there are many tourist and foreign student come to Indonesia to enjoy and learn about Indonesia.

Through Community Outreach Program held by Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) in association with Faculty of Humanities Universitas Airlangga, 12 students from UBD learn many things in fieldwork in Blitar, East Java.

The fieldwork took place at Kemloko Village, Ngelegok, Blitar Regency. The fieldwork which will be held more than a month and filled with many schedules activity. Fendi Susilo, the coordinator of organizing team said that he and his team had been twice welcome the UBD student visit for fieldwork.

“This is the second time, unfortunately the previous visit was short time and this time will be longer. It will be more than a month,” He said while interviewed by UNAIR NEWS on Saturday (3/2)

In this fieldwork will be end on February 25th. Fendi stated that he and team would give the insight to the student about the local people, for example about Javanese language, traditional food making and about the nature around.

“Because this time we have longer time, so there will be many things that we can share to them about tea making and Do Mountain hiking,” Fendi stated

He informed that the students from UBD will not only be taught about things, they also will be teaching English to the local people and children.

“Actually, their main task here is community development, like teaching English to local people. So, we are all here equally acquiring the knowledge,” He explained

Edy Syahril, the student of UBD who joins the program agreed with Fendy statement. He and other UBD student who join the program have the main task to provide services and learn about local culture.

“Our main tasks here are for learning culture and providing services to teach English for local people,” Edy stated

Fendy and her team will provide education touring about nature and historical places in Blitar to the 12 UBD students “We will also take them to the Majapahit relics site at Rambut Monte tourism area and The proclamator, Bung Karno, Graveyard,” he concluded (*).

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