Promoting Synergy, UNAIR Student Affairs Holds UKM Workshop Monday, 12 February 2018 01:02

Representatives of student activities unit (UKM) Universitas Airlangga in a briefing workshop at Samara Resort, Batu, early February. (Photo by courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The Directorate of Student Affairs of Universitas Airlangga held a workshop to debrief student activity unit (clubs) in early February. It is an annual activity at the beginning of the new management.

The event was followed by all university clubs, 42 units, with two representatives each. It was held at Samara Resort, Batu. Many benefits gained from the event. One of them explained by the Head of Baseball UKM Brawijaya B. Khusuma as one of the participants.

“The workshop is very useful. Because, from this activity, we can prepare and smooth the stewardship of clubs a year ahead, “he said.

In the debriefing, the students bring their vision, to synergize the achievement and quality of students. The synergy is manifested by the students in three priorities.

The focus, were on competition delegation, competition organizers, and community service whose scope of activities is expected to reach national, even international level. It was welcomed by clubs’ representatives. One of them is Reasoning club.

“It’s like a breath of fresh air for those of us who want to do even better in clubs. The policy will facilitate us in terms of funding as a solution to the problem at the end of the year, “explained Farid, chairman of Reasoning club.

In the workshop held from Friday to Sunday, they got various materials such as the strategy of developing clubs to the global arena, soft skill improvement strategy, and website class. Hopefully, it can be the initial provision for every club a year ahead.

One of the core activities of the debriefing is the evaluation of the preparation and approval of the performance contract of clubs in 2018. There, every club write the targets that have been made in accordance with the given format. The endorsement was chaired by the Director of Student Affairs, Dr. M. Hadi Subhan, S.H., M.H., C.N., accompanied by Deni Yasmara, S.Kep.Ns., M.Kep., and Eko Siswantoro, Drs., MM.

“We walk towards a direction to reach the target. Because, this becomes a stimulus in running activities in clubs. All the benefits are for you, “said Hadi in the occasion. (*)

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