Four FK UNAIR Researchers Present Works in South Korea Friday, 07 September 2018 00:50

Four FK UNAIR researchers present works in South Korea. (Photo: By courtesy)


UNAIR NEWS – Four staff lecturers of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga headed to South Korea to attended 2018 6 th International Conference on Biological and Medical Sciences (ICBMs 2018) in Seoul, South Korea. One of them was even awarded as The Best Presenter.

Dr. Gadis Meinar Sari, dr., M. Kes accompanied by Dr. Lilik Herawati, dr., MKes, Hanik Badriyah Hidayati, dr, SpS  and Siti Khaerunnisa, M.Si  had their opportunities to present their works in an annual event by Hong Kong Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society  (HKCBEES) on August 22-24, 2018.

The first experience joining 2018 ICBMS event was even more memorable when Dr. Gadis Meinar Sari, dr., M.Kes received an award as The Best Presenter. This adds to the list of achievements of alma mater for FK UNAIR.

FK UNAIR official did not expect the research she presented would win an award. ” Surprised, in an international event . I never thought I would win, ” she said.

Gadis presented her research ”Fundamental Movement Skill Approach to Combat Childhood Obesity in Surabaya, Indonesia: Potential Effects of Video Games Based Exercises (Exergaming).

This research is the result of her collaboration with a team of lecturers from FK UNAIR Department of Physiology. In his research, Gadis with Raden Argarini, dr., M.Kes, Dr. Lilik Herawati, dr., M.Kes, Irfiansyah Irwadi, dr., M.Si., and dr. Eka Arum Cahyaning Putri highlighted the problem of obesity or overweight in children.

They related the problem by applying Exergaming techniques, or better known as a form of exercise combined with video games.

“Exergaming is one form of exercise that is assisted with active video gaming technology ,” she said.

Their research proved that exergaming technique can reduce excessive weight in children, because by applying the technique, children will be encouraged to move more through exciting game activities.

Besides Dr Gadis, three other FK UNAIR lecturers also participated in presenting their research. Hanik Badriyah Hidayati, dr., SpS from Neurology Department presented a study entitled Swimming Exercise Improves Memory Function and Decrease Nmda on Eldery Rats.

Dr. Lilik Herawati, dr., M.Kes from the Department of Physiology presented her research entitled ” The Combination of Exercise and Ascorbic Acid Influence Blood Glucose Level but not Islets Pancreatic Area on High Carbohydrate Diets Rats.”

While Siti Khaerunnisa, M.Si from the Department of Biochemistry with her research entitled Mechanism of Solanum Betaceum to Prevent Memory Impairment in Cigarette Smoke Exposed Rat.

ICBMS is an international scientific event held every year. The 2017 ICBMS took place in Kitakyushu, Japan; in 2016 in Budapest, Hungary; 2015 in Shanghai, China; 2014 in Bali, and 2013 in Phuket, Thailand, this year, Seoul Nation University (SNU) hosted the 2018 ICBMS.

International researchers from Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, India, China meet in one forum to showcase the results of their researches. As a result, they are facilitated into Scopus indexed journals . “Still waiting for the process. Maybe 2-6 months can be published, “he said. (*)

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