Rector: College is Part of Hijrah Thursday, 13 September 2018 01:23

UNAIR Rector Prof. Moh Nasih (on the left) congratulated Syachroni (right), the best graduate of FKM S2 who earned a perfect GPA, 4.00, at the September 2018 graduation ceremony, Tuesday, September 11. (Photo: Agus Irwanto)

UNAIR NEWS – In Universitas Airlangga graduation day, Tuesday, September 11, UNAIR Rector Prof. Moh. Nasih emphasized that the process of learning at UNAIR is a form of hijrah. Not many Indonesian people have the opportunity to go to college. Hijrah meant here is the act of leaving ignorance, being a knowledgeable human with character and intelligence.

“Learning at UNAIR is basically a migration process. Hijrah from ignorance, being knowledgeable with morality and intelligence. With this character, we will win the competition, “said the Rector in front of 1,010 graduates, parents, invited guests, and UNAIR leaders.

The graduation ceremony coincided with the Hijriyah New Year, the Rector invited all graduates to be grateful for the blessings and gifts of God, so that day, they could complete their education in college.

“This graduation feels very special. It coincides with the Hijriyah New Year. Hopefully there is blessing for what we did this morning, “said the Rector.

Like the previous graduations, the Rector emphasized that going to college at UNAIR is not just to get a diploma. More than that, science and knowledge is necessary for graduates to face the challenges of times.

“If it’s just for a diploma, we’ll share it soon. If only to apply for a potential companion, sure it is acceptable. If only to get your love, God’s willing , you will soon be able to. If only to get jobs, you will soon get it, “he explained.

“The issue of diploma and work is not the main thing. The main thing is science and knowledge. So you can go through life with more wisdoms, enlightenments and blessings, “he added.

To all graduates, either those who have worked or those who have not, the Rector emphasized that confidence is important to be able to compete with the global world. He encouraged graduates not to feel insecure, inferior, shy, but to be confident for being part of UNAIR graduates. “Be confident, I’m sure you will succeed in winning the competition. Show that you are the best college graduate, “he said.

This September, the Rector graduated 3,667 graduates. Graduation was held for three days, on Saturday, September 7 with 1327 graduates, Sunday, September 8 with 1330 graduates, and Tuesday, September 11 with 1010 graduates. Among thousands of graduates, dozens of them were international students. (*)

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