UNAIR Alumnus Gives Motivation to Millennial Entrepreneurs Tuesday, 14 May 2019 10:41

M. Ali Irsyad, S.Ikom, Cht, speaker in a entrepreneurship seminar held by PPKK UNAIR in FKH UNAIR.M. Ali Irsyad, S.Ikom, Cht, speaker in a entrepreneurship seminar held by PPKK UNAIR in FKH UNAIR. (Photo: Rini Ramadhanty)

UNAIR NEWS – The current food production is not in line with the population of humans. The larger number of people who need food triggers serious problems, especially for millennial people in the future. The birth rate of children in Indonesia per year reaches 5 million, this figure is almost the same as the population of Singapore.

Inspired by this problem, Center for Career and Entrepreneurship Development (PPKK) held an Entrepreneurship Seminar, May 11, 2019 on 2nd floor, Tandjung Adiwinata Room, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH), Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR).

The entrepreneurship seminar held by PPKK UNAIR was about “Habit Entrepreneur: High Confidence and Communication to Build Entrepreneurial Character in Millennials”  presented by the CEO of IjadFarm M. Ali Irsyad, S.Ikom, Cht.

The alumnus also explained how Indonesia still lacks entrepreneurs, especially in the field of animal husbandry. In this sophisticated era, Irsyad said that it was indeed difficult to compete in the business world, especially for millennial generation.

Irsyad explained, the fundamental character that must be created from the beginning to become entrepreneurs is never violate God’s rules. This noble intention is in accordance with God’s command which will deliver to noble things. If the attitude of the entrepreneur is with wrong intention, God will not take it to success or nobility.

The key to starting a business after good intention according to Irsyad is three points, the why, how and what. These three keys are from trivial problems. The small and trivial things are usually relatable to the wider community, so business opportunities can grow rapidly.

The most problematic for millennials is laziness, as everything is instant. To get all three business keys, think bigDon’t stop learning, and know our priority early on.

“Learn all things that are relatable. Learn, have discussion, do research, and exploration. Explore with farmers and breeders to broaden your insight. If you really can’t afford to know everything, another effective way is creating a team. After the business key is solid, the things that must be prioritized are act small and act now, “said Irsyad. (*)

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