UNAIR Library Invites Parents to Cultivate Reading Interest for Children Tuesday, 25 June 2019 11:19

UNAIR NEWS – Library of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a community service activity on Friday, June 21 at Nabawi Islamic Kindergarten located on Jl. Jojoran I AB Surabaya. The activity is in the form of socialization to parents about the importance of cultivating a reading interest in children.

Sefti, the librarian and the person in charge of community service activities at UNAIR Library said that this kind of activity is a routine activity carried out at certain times.

“Indeed, it is compulsory for the library to have community service. The program is usually related to reading interest, or library anniversary, information literacy. Sometimes we go kindergarten or UNAIR, “she said.

This time, UNAIR Library held socialization with the theme of reading interest. The targets are parents or guardians of Nabawi Kindergarten students. Besides, they talk about the response of the librarian and UNAIR library in addressing the phenomenon of gadget addiction in children due to lack of attention and assistance from parents.

“We focus on student guardian by introducing the book to children, “he explained.

“So we can reduce the use of gadgets. Secondly, how to make children interested in reading, “Sefti added.

The socialization material was delivered by UNAIR librarian named Novi Diana Wati. Novi explained, starting from the importance of reading in early childhood, how to foster interest in reading, and sharing experiences related to children’s learning and reading habits.

After delivering the material and question and answer, UNAIR Library handed over a children’s book package to Nabawi Kindergarten. The kindergarten itself has a reading place, and UNAIR Library has guided it since 2010.UNAIR Librarian Novi Diana Wati (left) symbolically handed over a children’s book package to Nabawi Kindergarten. (Private Doc.)

Not only socialization but on another occasion UNAIR Library team also carried out empowerment activities as a form of community service. Like making crafts, training training. (*)

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