Eka Mishbahtul (M.HAS., S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep.)

Fakultas Keperawatan, Keperawatan Jiwa & Komunitas, Keluarga, Geron

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Profil Dosen
Jenjang Pendidikan
No Jenjang Pendidikan Institusi Mulai Berakhir
1 Program Sarjana Universitas Airlangga 2002 2007
2 Program Magister Universitas Airlangga 2010 2012
Riwayat Mengajar
No Subjek
1 Community Health Nursing
2 Nursing Management
3 Agama Islam
Bidang Riset
No Subjek
1 Community health nursing
2 Family health nursing
3 Health promotion
4 Nutrition
No Publikasi Tahun
1 Sleep Hygiene behavior among Balinese adolescent 2014
2 Peer group support change the perception of homeless ad beggars 2008
3 Analysis factor which influenced nursing care documentation base on balance scorecard 2010
4 Decreasing Cholesterol level by using cupping therapy 2010
5 Independency of post selection caesarea mother with discharge planning approach base on self care orem theory 2012
6 The development of nutrition demand on enquiry model for preschooler-aged children base on health promotion model 2012
7 Improving Knowledge, Attitude, And Skill of Health Provider In Implementing Pulmonary Tb Counseling At Puskesmas 2013
8 N-SMSI: A nurse Management model to increase medication adherence and nutritional status of patients with pulmonary TB 2015
9 Java international nursing conference “innovation in nursing education and health care and services” Semarang-Indonesia 2010
10 International Nursing conference “current nursing care in clinic and community” Faculty of nursing, Universitas Airlangga 2011
11 USM International nursing conference “ sustainable health care practice, education, and research for bottom billions, kota bharu, Kelantan- Malaysia 2011
12 International seminar and nursing conference: nursing research innovation and international collaboration, Solo-central java 2011
13 National Conference “pemberdayaan masyarakat sehat melalui keperawatan kesehatan perempuan ( Women health nursing)”, Surabaya-East Java 2011
14 Nursing Conference “current issue in advance nursing practice”, Surabaya East Java 2012
15 2013 Medan International Nursing Conference (MINC) “The application of caring science in nursing education, advance and clinical practice” Medan North Sumatra 2013
16 International Palliative Care Seminar “Interprofessional Work In Enhancing Family Role In Palliative Care: Lesson Learned From Several Countries”’ Yogyakarta – Central Java 2014
Keanggotaan Asosiasi
No Asosiasi
1 Indonesian Nurse Association
2 Indonesian Community health nurse association
3 Sakura Science Club, Japan Science and Technology
No Penghargaan Tahun
1 Australian fellowship Award “Building research and clinical education capacity of health professional in Indonesia” 2014
2 Japan – Asia Youth Exchange Program science ( Sakura exchange program in science) 2015
Informasi Lain

Academic Service

Graduated Advisees:

  • Undergraduate : 15 Student

Advising :

  • Undergraduate : 27 Student

Research Exp

2006       Analysis Factor which Correlate with decision making in choosing contraception method

2007       Empowering women as Garbage agent in order to increase their behavior in garbage selection

2009       the effectiveness of betta Sp and black molly fish as a biological predator of aedes aegypti: A comparative study

2010       Analysis Factor which influenced elderly participation on integrated health care centre elderly at RT 10 RW 8, Kelurahan Mojo, Surabaya

2013       Mother behavior in fulfill nutrition need of preschooler based on health promotion model and self-regulation theory.

2014       N-SMSI ( Ners Short Message Service Invention): Care management model to increase pulmonary tuberculosis patient’s obedience in drug’s consuming and nutrition

2014       the application of supportive therapy to change stress and optimism on housewives with HIV/AIDS

2015       Family Experience on caring elders with Frailty at home


PS Exp

2009       Pulmonary Tuberculosis Effective counseling training as a strategy to increase health professionals knowledge, attitude and skill at puskesmas Mojo, Surabaya

2009       Discharge planning as strategy to increase nurse knowledge, attitude, and skill at seruni ward, RSUD dr. Soetomo, Surabaya

2011       The Role of Community Health Nurse as a case finder, case manager, and collaborator through health screening and early detection at kelurahan mojo, Surabaya

2012       promoting Vegetable Consumption to preschooler at PAUD Flamboyan. Kelurahan Mulyorejo, Kota Surabaya

2012       Preventing stress on elderly through recreational therapy at UPT PSLU Pasuruan

2012       Enhance Health Volunteers Ability in managing Integrated health care centre for under five years to reach independency at kelurahan mulyorejo, Surabaya

2013       Enhance health volunteers ability in promoting health family aware cancer at puskesmas mulyorejo, Surabaya

2014       Health volunteers role enhancement as a change agent of laprae stigma at community by using training

2015       Entrepreneur training for street child at Rumah pintar matahari, Surabaya

2015       Empowering families with food insecurity by strengthening cognitive and psychomotor aspects as an effort to improve the fulfillment of nutrition on Under five years old child


Kontak Dosen

Kampus C UNAIR Mulyorejo Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia Surabaya Indonesia