Laily Hidayati (S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep.)

Fakultas Keperawatan, Keperawatan Dasar, Medikal Bedah, Kritis

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Profil Dosen
Jenjang Pendidikan
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Riwayat Mengajar
No Subjek
1 Respiratory Nursing
2 Sensory and Perception Nursing
3 Musculoskeletal Nursing
4 Integumary Nursing
5 Imaging Nursing
Bidang Riset
No Subjek
1 Medical - Surgical Nursing
2 Nursing Education
No Publikasi Tahun
1 Risk Factor of Asthma and Preventing Behavior Related to Asthma Control Level 2009
2 Burnout Syndrome on Nursing Student Stage Profession Based on Analysis of Stressor Factor Relational Meaning and Coping Strategy 2013
3 Improving Quality of Public Insurance (Jamkesmas) Services in Primary Health Care Unit Indonesia 2013
4 Screening of Foot Health of Diabetes Mellitus Patient and Ability to Prevent Diabetic Ulcer in Puskesmas Mojo Surabaya 2011
5 The Effect of Momordica Fruit Extract on Decreasing of Blood Glucose Level in Mouse (BALB/c) 2013
6 Development Model of Participation in The Prevention of Disability in Leprosy Hospital Sumber Glagah Mojokerto, East Java 2013
7 The Effect of The Use Solvent of Baking Soda on Xerostomina Complain, Comfort and Interdyalitic Weight Gain in Patients Chronic Kidney Disease on Haemodyalisis at Haemodyalisis Ward RSUD Ibnu Sina Gresik 2014
8 The Effect of Thai-Chi Exercise on Elderly Postural Stabilities at Griya Werdha UPTD Dinas Sosial Surabaya 2014
Keanggotaan Asosiasi
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1 Indonesian National Nurses Association
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Research Experience

no.   Years       Title           Funding Sources            Funding Amount

  1.  2009/2010 Evaluation of Burn Care Program at RUMKITAL AL Dr. Ramelan Surabaya RKAT FoN UNAIR 2000 4.000.000
  2. 2010/2011 Screening of Diabetic Foot Health and Ability to Preventing Ulcus Diabeticum at Puskesmas Mojo's Work Area RKAT FoN UNAIR 7.125.000
  3. 2013/2014 Family Centerd Care as An Effort to Improve Family Empowerment in Caring of Patient Lryngeal Cancer RKAT FoN UNAIR 2013 15.000.000
  4. Developing Model of Participation Morbus Hansen in Preventing Disability at Sumber Glagah Hospital, Mojokerto East Java BPOTN 2013 10.250.000
  5. 2014 The Effect of Comfort Care  Application for Patient Pre-surgical on Anxiety, Comfort Feel, and Cortisol BPOTN 2014 15.000.000
  6. 2014 Model Asuhan Keperawatan Islami: Grounded Theory BPOTN 2014 15.000.000
  7. 2014 Model of Nursing Services for Patient Tuberculosis in Preventig Treatment Inadherence with Knowledge Management Approach RKAT 45.000.000
  8. 2015 Improving Family Indepedency in Preventing Disability of Patient with Morbus Hansen Based on Social-Psychological-Biological Perspective RKAT 15.000.000



no.    Years     Title       Funding Sources       Funding Amount

  1. 2009/2010 Health Education "Hypertension Management" for Patient Hypertension and Families Cardiovascular Ward RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya RKAT FoN UNAIR 2009 2.200.000
  2. 2010/2011 Improving Indepedency of Diabetic Person  Through Self Care Management at PERSADIA Surabaya RKAT FoN UNAIR 2010 4.000.000
  3. 2011/2012 Enchancing Adherence on Nutritional Advice in Elderly with Hypertension Through Health Education at Posyandu Lansia Budhi Luhur Surabaya, East Java RKAT FoN UNAIR 2011 4.000.000
  4. 2013/2014 Workshop for High Risk Community Through Implementing Self Management Education in Preventing Risk of Laryngeal Cancer at Puskesmas Mulyorejo Surabaya, East Java RKAT 4.000.000
  5. 2014/2015 Family Empowerment in Improving Family Health Status at Puskemas Kenjeran Surabaya, East Java BOPTN 20.000.000
  6. 2014/2015 Workshop of Empowerment of Health related Community Leader in Early Detection of Obesity and Its Prevention at Puskesmas Ngagelrejo, Surabaya, East Java BPOTN 5.000.000
  7. 2015/2016 Enchancing Nurse's Role in Leprosy's Psychological Aspect and Streghtening Self Efficacy Through Optimizing Peer Group Support and Patient Centered Care BOPTN 5.000.000 

Kontak Dosen
(031) 5913754
Kampus C, Mulyorejo; Kota Surabaya 60115 Surabaya Indonesia