Fifi Junita (S.H., M.H., CN., LL.M., Ph.D.)

Fakultas Hukum, Hukum Perdata

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Profil Dosen
Jenjang Pendidikan
No Jenjang Pendidikan Institusi Mulai Berakhir
1 Program Sarjana Universitas Airlangga 1989 1993
2 Program Magister University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia 2006 2007
3 Program Doktor University of Macquarie, Sydney, Australia 2008 2011
Riwayat Mengajar
No Subjek
1 Alternative Dispute Resolution
2 Contract drafting techniques
3 International Commercial
4 Comparative of contract law
5 Comparative Law
6 Legal Research
Bidang Riset
No Subjek
1 Business Law (commercial law)
No Publikasi Tahun
1 Experience of Practical Problems of Foreign Arbitral Awards Enforcement in Indonesia. 2008
2 Refusing Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards Under Article V (2) (b) of New York Convention: The Indonesian Perspective 2009
3 Public Policy Exception in International Commercial Arbitration – Promoting Uniform Model Norms 2012
4 Judicial Review of Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards on Public Policy Ground in Indonesia 2012
5 The Concept of Public Policy Exception to the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards: The Indonesian Perspective 2013
6 Foreign Mining Investment Regime in Indonesia: Regulatory Risk under Resource Nationalism and How Investment Agreement May Provide Protectionforthcoming issue on Journal of Energy Resources Law (JERL), Taylor & Francis and IBA (International Bar Association) publication, third issue, 2015. 2015
7 Ulayat Rights of Tribunal Society After the Implementation of Agrarian Law Act No. 5 of 1960, (the protection of Indigenous right of land in Indonesia). 2011
8 The Execution of Fiduciary Guarantee Based on Fiducia Act No 42 of 1999 – Its Practical Legal Issues 2001
9 Legal Protection of Bank Customers in Derivative Transactions 2003
10 The Validity of Electronic Contracts in Electronic Commerce Transactions. 2004
11 Legal Aspects of Outsourcing Agreement – Outsourcing of service provider in information technology. 2004
12 Risk Aspect and Liability of Bank in Electronic Funds Transfer. 2005
13 Interbank Liability inElectronic Fund Transfer (EFT) 2005
14 Subordination Agreement – Surety Contract of Banking Loan. 2005
15 Business Process Outsourcing Contract (BPO) – Utilization of Small Industries, 2008
16 Pro Enforcement Bias Under Article V of the New York Convention in International Commercial Arbitration: Comparative Overview. 2015
Keanggotaan Asosiasi
No Asosiasi
1 Indonesian Notary Association (INI/Ikatan Notaris Indonesia), staff member (1998-1999)
2 Centre of Legal Drafting and Management Unit, Airlangga University, staff member (2004-2005)
No Penghargaan Tahun
1 Second Best Graduate, Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, Indonesia (1993). 1993
2 Graduate Scholarship, Faculty of Law, University of Airlangga, Indonesia (1992). 1992
3 Postgraduate Scholarship, University of Airlangga, Indonesia (2000). 2000
4 Australian Partnership Scholarship (APS),(for Master of Law Degree, major in Commercial Law. 2006
5 Macquarie Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) for Doctorate Degree (PhD in Business Law) 2008
Informasi Lain


2015 International Investment Agreements and Dispute Resolution: Toward A New Reform
2011 Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Indonesia : The Role Public Policy Exception
2012 Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Indonesia – Promoting Uniform Model Norms, funded by Faculty of Law, Airlangga
2013 Foreign Mining Investment Regime in Indonesia: Regulatory Risk and Its Implications on Investment Treaty Law,
2005 Outsourcing Agreement - Instrument of Utilization of Small Industries in Indonesia,
2004 Legal Aspects of Inter Bank Liability in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT),
2002 Subordination Agreement- Legal Protection in Bank Loan Agreement, in 2002.
2002 Liability of Bank in the Derivative Transactions, funded by Higher Education of Indonesia, in 2002.
2001 Juridical Aspects of the Government Procurement based on the Presidential Decree No 18 of 2000 as the Utilization of Small Industries in Indonesia,
2001 The Juridical Aspects of Cooperation Agreement (Conto A Meta) - the Utilization of Small Industries, funded by the Research Institution, Airlangga University, Indonesia, in 2001.
2000 The Protection of Art Creation for the Creators
2000 Legal Aspect of Subordination Agreement in the Development of Surety Contract, funded by the Research Institution of Airlangga University, Indonesia, in 2000.
1993 Collective Labor Agreement as an Instrument of Legal Protection of Workers (Case Study in Radjin Steel Pipe Industry,Ltd, Surabaya),


Providing Integrated Legal Consultation to community.

Empowerment of society inunderstanding legal problems related to land contract.

Establishment a legal minded community in order to uphold their legal rights
Contract Drafting Advocacy to enhance regional civil servants in East Java region, Indonesia.

Training and Education of Contract Drafting Techniques for Civil Servants in East Java regions.

Empowerment of regional civil servants in drafting a procurement contract.


Kontak Dosen
+62 31 5023151148
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