Prof. Dr. NURSALAM M.Nurs. (Hons)


No Publication Year
1 Mothers? behaviour regarding school-aged children?s nutrition: In Indonesia 2018
2 Analysis of the stressor and coping strategies of adolescents with dysmenorrhoea 2018
3 Contributing factors of neonatal death from mother with preeclampsia in Indonesia 2018
4 The correlation between the quality of nursing work life and job performance 2018
5 Family factors associated with quality of life in pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Surabaya, Indonesia 2018
6 Implementation of birth preparedness and complication readiness (BPCR) in high risk pregnancies 2018
7 Analysis of factors related to communication skills in midwifery students 2018
8 The correlation between the quality of nursing work life and job performance 2018
9 The development of islamic caring model to improve psycho-spiritual comfort of coronary disease patients 2018
10 Predictors of Family Stress in Taking Care of Patients with Schizophrenia 2018
11 Grieving as an Internal Factor of Nurse-Patient Interaction in a Dialysis Unit 2018
12 The Development of Model Family-Centered Empowerment on Caring for Children with Leukemia 2018
13 Adherence to iron supplementation amongst pregnant mothers in Surabaya, Indonesia: Perceived benefits, barriers and family support 2018
14 Association between insomnia and social network site use in Indonesian adolescents 2018
15 Development of an empowerment model for burnout syndrome and quality of nursing work life in Indonesia 2018
16 Effect of Nurse Performance in Patient Safety Target Based on Knowledge Management: SECI on Quality of Nursing Services 2018
17 Indonesian nurses? perception of disaster management preparedness 2018
18 Analysis of factors related to behavior cognition and effects on pregnant women in maternal and child health (Mch) handbook utilisation 2018
19 Effect of bibliotherapy on self-concept in children with mental retardation in SLB 2018
20 Development of the Mind-Body-Spiritual Nursing Care Model (MBS) for Coronary Heart Disease Patients 2018
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