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IKA UA GRESIK Gives Tips on Maintaning Reproductive Organ’s Hygine for Teenagers

Maintaining environment and personal hygine are essential to build healthy life style.

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UNAIR Discusses Student Management with UPN Jakarta

UNAIR receives excellent category with 700 points in Malcolm Baldrige on management and institutional governance

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Improving Publication, FKp Invites Professor from University of Edinburgh, Scotland

This activity was an initiation to collaborate in improving research collaboration and international publications

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UNAIR Holds Another Workshop for Mandarin Teachers

This workshop was intended as part of improving Chinese language competencies that was adapted to Taiwan curriculum.

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Student Reregistration for Professional, Master’s (S2) and Doctoral (S3) Programs’ in Even Semester First Period 2018/ 2019 Academic Year

The prospective students are obliged to follow the reregistration process

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Reregistration for Bachelor’s Degree Students Admitted from Independent Admission Third Round 2018/ 2018 Academic Year

Admission for 2017/2018 Academic Year are obliged to follow the reregistration process

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Reregistration for Master’s (S2) and Doctoral (S3) Programs’ Students in Odd Semester Third Period 2018/ 2018 Academic Year

the prospective students are obliged to follow the reregistration process as follows:

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Universitas Airlangga Highlight

UNAIR Ju-Jitsu Wins 7 Medals at UNESA Open XII

This competition is a national level event with participants of various ages, ranging from junior to senior.


Accreditation Publicity Marks RS UNAIR Achieves Full Accreditation

The Accreditation Publicity and Open House Airlangga Health Science Institute (AHSI) mark full accreditation achievement by R


Latest Airlangga University's Accreditation Achievement

Related news about accreditation of study programs and units in Airlangga University.

  • Apa Kata Pakar? Prof. Dr. Agus Yudha H., S.H., M.H. - Pakar Bidang Hukum Kontrak & Hukum Jaminan, FH UNAIR. "TIDAKā€¦ Unair Official . 11:42, Dec 18
  • Berbagai arah kebijakan & gebrakan untuk menjadi bagian dari kampus 500 dunia terus dilakukan oleh civitas akademikā€¦ Unair Official . 10:05, Dec 17