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FIB UNAIR students win first place in national essay competition with innovative traditional-themed online games

Iqbal Rohim Al Farisi and Shecilia Kriestyaning win first place in IMBASADI National Essay Competition.
Iqbal Rohim Al Farisi and Shecilia Kriestyaning win first place in IMBASADI National Essay Competition.

UNAIR NEWS – The students from the Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Universitas Airlangga just made another national achievement. Iqbal Proposing traditional-themed online games apps, Rohim Al Farisi and Shecilia Kriestyaning outperformed more than 90 teams, securing first place in the National Essay Competition of the Association of Students of Local Languages and Literatures throughout Indonesia (IMBASADI).

Presenting the design of the ‘Prabu’ online game apps, Iqbal and Shecilia embarked on this initiative due to their concern about the fading Indonesian culture among children. To UNAIR NEWS, Iqbal explained that Prabu aims to revitalize traditional games to remain relevant among children.

“Cultural aspects are frequently perceived as outdated and seen as a form of backwardness. Many children are engrossed in online games like Mobile Legends and PUBG. Through this phenomenon, the idea emerged of how we could revitalize traditional games in an application called Prabu,” he said.

As a revitalization of traditional games, the Prabu app aims to preserve culture, ensuring that traditional games remain relevant and not left behind in modern times. It is designed as a collaboration between existing technology and culture.

“Traditional games, such as Gobak Sodor are adopted into online games. This way, children can get to know traditional games, with the hope of redirecting children’s addiction to online games like Mobile Legends,” Iqbal said.

Unlike other apps, Prabu is designed to be played online, much like Mobile Legends, allowing users to play together with friends and connect online. This way, children can play and interact, stimulating their curiosity.

“Due to its interactive nature, this application alleviates children’s boredom by offering a diverse range of games,” he said.

In addition to offering a variety of games, Prabu features cultural animation content. Thus, children can not only learn about culture through playing but also through engaging animated content.

“Our focus is on enhancing knowledge, revitalizing culture, and character education. The content shapes the character education of the users,” he added, “There are also quizzes that provide an active learning experience for children.”

Iqbal Rohim Al Farisi and Shecilia Kriestyaning win first place in IMBASADI National Essay Competition.

Embarking on a venture becomes a concern among young people when they want to participate in a competition. Besides the existing shortcomings, the fear of failure often seems to loom over the initial steps. Therefore, for Iqbal, extensive learning and exploration are crucial steps to start.

“To be honest, when participating in competitions, I didn’t immediately become a champion; there were failures. But through those failures, we can evaluate our shortcomings and areas that can be improved,” he said, “To begin with, don’t focus on winning, but focus on making progress.”

Author: Syifa Rahmadina

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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