No Publication Year
1 Theoretical Investigation of Fe and Al Surface Structure in the Case of H Adsorption using First Principles Calculation 2020
2 Bundled plastic optical fiber based sensor for ECG signal detection 2020
3 Theoretical Study on Radiationless Decay in Butadiene Isomerization Case using First-principles Calculation 2020
4 Vibration sensor with tunable signals using bundled fiber probe 2019
5 Fiber bundle sensor for detection of formaldehyde concentration in fish 2019
6 Effect of tapering diameters with microbottle resonator for formaldehyde (CH2O) liquid sensing 2019
7 The antifungal agent of silver nanoparticles activated by diode laser as light source to reduce C. albicans biofilms: an in vitro study 2019
8 Non-touch detection of rhodamine B concentration in distilled water using fiber coupler based on displacement sensor 2019
9 Touchless Mechanism to Detect Rhodamine B Concentration in Distilled Water Using Fiber Bundle 2019
10 The effectiveness of nano-doxycycline activated by diode laser exposure to reduce S. aureus biofilms: an in vitro study 2019
11 Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and the Development in Analysis Method 2019
12 Liquid level sensor using fiber bundle 2018
13 Liquid level sensor using two fiber bundles 2018
14 Performance comparison of liquid level sensors using fiber coupler and fiber-bundled probe 2018
15 The dosage optimization of He-Ne laser energy as a candidate for photodynamic therapy of cancer cells with exogenous photosensitizer variations 2017
16 Dosimetry of laser radiation for in vitro cancer cells inactivation using exogenous chlorophyll and protoporphyrin IX (PpIX) 2017
17 An in vitro antifungal efficacy of silver nanoparticles activated by diode laser to Candida albicans 2017
18 Folate receptor mediated in vivo targeted delivery of human serum albumin coated manganese ferrite magnetic nanoparticles to cancer cells 2017