UNAIR Ranked Second in Indonesia with Most International Accreditations Friday, 05 July 2019 14:13

Prof. Dr. Sukardiman, Apt., MS, Head of Quality Assurance Board on Wednesday, July 3, 2019. (Photo: Mohammad Alif Fauzan)

UNAIR NEWS – Good news comes from Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Quality Assurance Board. In early July, Ristekdikti published ranking of universities with most international accreditations. UNAIR is ranked second with 40 programs from all universities in Indonesia.

This achievement of international accreditation is obtained from credible international accreditation institutions. There are 17 AUN-QA accredited programs, 8 ASIIN accredited programs, 1 ABEST21 accredited program, and 14 ASIC accredited programs.

Regarding this achievement, Prof. Dr. Sukardiman, Apt., MS said that the achievement was the fruit of hard work from all parties, either leaderships in the management of UNAIR and in faculties.

“This is the result of coordination and efforts from all parties,” he said.

International accreditation is one of the main agenda of all faculties in UNAIR. So same efforts will continue to be carried out in order to achieve Top 500 world class university. Furthermore, UNAIR has prepared candidates for programs who would be accredited internationally by credible institutions abroad according to their scientific fields.

“In the near future we will submit several programs, such as from Faculty of Law, Faculty of Psychology, and Faculty of Cultural Sciences, “he said.

This internationalization program is felt by all parties. It can be seen from the increasing number of international students in UNAIR every year. There are also facilities to support curriculum and learning with university environment friendly to students with disabilities.

Prof. Sukardiman, the plan for achieving more accreditation will be focused on master’s, doctoral and specialist programs. It aims to produce graduates qualified and competent in their fields. In total, out of 168 programs of UNAIR, 23% of them are internationally accredited. (*)

Source : http://news.unair.ac.id/en/2019/07/04/unair-ranked-second-in-indonesia-with-most-international-accreditations/

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