Four UNAIR Delegates Achieve Top 5 Presentation Group at STEP AUS 2019 Tuesday, 13 August 2019 13:24

Third from the left, Hasian AD Nasution (in black traditional dress), Luthfya Laras Senja (in white kebaya), Brillian Raras Sakapuspa (in black kebaya), and Madya Sri Agustina (in red kebaya) with some delegates from Universitas Airlangga at STEP Asian Undergraduate Summit (AUS) 2019 at National University of Singapore. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The 2019 STEP Asian Undergraduate Summit (AUS) event has just ended. With the theme of Leadership in a Complex World: Harnessing Untapped Potential, the event was the highlight event as well as part of the Singapore Leg at National University of Singapore, Singapore, on July 14-21, 2019.

Although it is over, the event has left a distinct impression, at least for 17 delegates from Universitas Airlangga as four of them managed to bring achieve Top 5 Group Presentation. They were Madya Sri Agustina, Luthfya Laras Senja, Hasian Ariki D. Nasution, and Brilliani Raras Sakapuspa.

On the occasion, all delegates were asked to make a social project concept with a main focus, the role of leadership in exploiting the potential around through technological developments. Madya, one of the delegates from Faculty of Humanities (FIB) UNAIR, shared her story during the Singapore Leg.

“Initially, all delegates were grouped in teams of 12 people from various countries. We were also accompanied by two experienced facilitators and most of them were founders of an institution. They are tasked with guiding us in preparing the project precisely to be presented at the end of the activity, “explained Madya.

She and her team-mates created a social project concept called Prisoners Assistance Learning Service (PALS) or a rehabilitation platform for prisoners. According to Madya, people who are experiencing confinement have problems in their mental recovery, especially when they have to go back to the community.

“So, this PALS program aims to prepare prisoners to return to society, both in skill and mentally. In Indonesia, there is already a program called Cinderella Indonesia. However, it is only specifically for women and young people. While PALS has a wider reach because it covers prisoners with mild cases, ” she explained.

One of the mental recovery efforts in PALS is done with animal media. It adopted a policy from America – the first country – that allowed prisoners to raise animals to recover mentally and reduce their emotional levels. The program is said to be successful if it can be implemented in the Asian region.

“Because no country has succeeded and allowed prisoners to raise animals as a therapeutic medium other than America. However, we also apply procedures. Not all prisoners can join PALS program, especially those who are caught in serious cases such as terrorists or murderers, “Madya added.

Besides Madya, there were three other UNAIR students who won the title of best group presentation. They were Hasian and Luthfya. They succeeded in making Derly Hotel, a concept of air bnb with cultural local guide facilities and friendly cultural exchange for tourists, especially elderly people who want to travel.

“There is also, Knitting Hearts and Homes, initiated by Brillian and her team. So, in Singapore there is a knitting tradition done by grandma. They do it for their grandchildren. But, a grandchild will surely grow up. So to avoid the clothes being wasted, it can be distributed to other people through this program, ” she said.

The most memorable experience Madya felt was whens he was able to meet and discuss with the speakers, especially in Human Library session. She and other delegates also had the opportunity to visit Dignity Kitchen which was a place for empowering people with disabilities to grow.

“There is advice struck in me from a professor. He said, while you can see the potential, even though you think it’s hard to achieve, but if you as the next generation want to make a difference, then don’t be afraid. Develop that potential to be a breakthrough that can bring an impact in the future, ” she said. (*)

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