One Month Becoming OR Assistant in France Tuesday, 20 August 2019 10:04

Dewi (far left) in an operating room as part of her internship at University of De Lille, France. (Photo: Personal Documentation.)

UNAIR NEWS – The opportunity to undergo an internship and study abroad is a dream for many students including for Dewi Sekarsari, a student of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga. She has long dreamed of participating in a student exchange. Dewi could finally get the chance to make it happen in France.

Dewi had the opportunity to join an exchange program at De Lille University, France, from July 4 to August 5, 2019. After passing the selection stage, Dewi left with her two colleagues from FK UNAIR. Dewi chose the Department of Plastic Surgery as her focus studies and internship.

Dewi said that she learned a lot during her exchange in France. Besides being a developed country that is rich in technology, she said that the population is open, especially in terms of education. She can also have a lot of discussions related to many things.

“Furthermore, because it is a sub-tropical country, you can feel an atmosphere that is different from Indonesia,” shared the 2016 student class.

Not only felt a new atmosphere, but Dewi also gained a lot of new knowledge from her activities there. In the Department of Plastic Surgery, she learned a lot about cases rarely found in Indonesia. She also learned about things to do in the operating room.

“It feels very pleasant, especially since I am still not a resident, so my experience in France is my first. So later on, if I study in Indonesia, I can compare the different systems and guidelines,” Dewi explained.

Dewi explained that her routines during the internship were to assist in surgeries. Every day there were different cases. While in the operating room, Dewi learned to be assistant in charge of providing equipment to doctors and also studying skin excision. Every Thursday, Dewi followed a case report discussing rare cases.

Dewi had many memorable things during her stays in France, such as learning to cook Indonesian food and learning French culture and language.

“I am very happy because plastic surgery is my passion. All this time, I can only watch videos and learn from the internet; finally I can see and follow the process directly, “said Dewi.

Dewi did not forget to give some advice to other students. Dewi encouraged other students always to be grateful and take advantage of existing opportunities. According to her, studying abroad can open students’ mind and make them independent. (*)

Author: Sukma Cindra Pratiwi

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh

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