AUBMO UNAIR sends 192 students to disseminate information of KIP-college to 49 regions throughout Indonesia Monday, 22 February 2021 20:42

The offline KIPKGTS dissemination implementing the health protocols. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The KIP (Smart Indonesia Card) College Program is a government aid for the continuity of studies given to financially constrained students and meet academic requirements. Bidikmisi University Airlangga Organization (AUBMO) as a forum for Bidikmisi students at UNAIR  shared and disseminated information about KIP College to regions across the country.

Through the KIP-K Goes to School (KIPKGTS) work program, AUBMO UNAIR successfully sent 192 students to disseminate KIP-K information to 49 regions in Indonesia. The KIPKGTS committee also provided motivation for SMA / SMK students to remain optimistic that they can continue their education to a higher level despite family economic constraints.

UNAIR News interviewed Lilly Shinta Amelia as the chief executive of KIPKGTS on Friday, February 19, 2021. According to her, KIPKGTS was themed “Be Brave and Do the Best to Reach Your Dream.”

“With this theme, hopefully, KIPKGTS does not only aim to disseminate information about UNAIR and KIP-College scholarships, but also provide motivation, especially to SMA / SMK students,” she said.

The Japanese Studies student said that KIPKGTS was conducted in all SMA / SMK or other equivalent education in Indonesia according to the KIPKGTS committee’s distribution. According to him, KIPKGTS activities also adjusted to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We hold dissemination online and offline following the policies of each school/region. In the dissemination, we delivered materials about UNAIR and scholarships at UNAIR, especially KIP-College scholarships, ” she added.

Before the participants went to the field, she continued, the committee and UNAIR Student Affairs held online material debriefing. The briefing consisted of information and Training of Trainers (TOT) material.

At the end, Lilly hoped that KIPKGTS can become a manifestation of the tri dharma of higher education. Hopefully, this activity can prove Bidikmisi and KIP-K UNAIR students’ contribution to the alma mater and KIP-College.

“We also hope that we can provide motivation and encouragement to high school / vocational school friends who want to continue their studies to higher education without thinking about the economic burden of the family,” she concluded. (*)



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