UNAIR expert finds new technique for Gummy Smile treatment Wednesday, 03 March 2021 13:29

One of UNAIR experts Dr. Agung Krismariono drg., M.Kes., Sp.Perio (K). (Illustration by Nuri Hermawan)


UNAIR NEWS – The world of research continues to produce many breakthroughs and innovations. One of them is done by Dr. Agung Krismariono drg., M.Kes., Sp.Perio (K)., in his research entitled “Triangular Frenotomy: A Novel Technique for Gummy Smile Correction”.



As stated in his scientific article uploaded on UNAIR NEWS on February 18, 2021, Agung explained that periodontal disease does not only affect medically but also aesthetically. So the focus of treatment also leads to medical and aesthetic factors.


“Therefore, the current periodontal tissue treatment also leads to the improvement of periodontal tissue condition, as well as minimizing the effects from an aesthetic perspective. This is inseparable from the demands of the community, which currently also lead to aesthetic factors, “he said.

In the article entitled “New Techniques in Gummy Smile Treatment”, Agung also explained that gummy smile is one of the periodontal tissue conditions that have an aesthetic impact. Gummy smile is a periodontal tissue condition which the gingiva in the front maxilla looks excessive when a person smiles.

“The gingiva appears excessive when smiling, the gingiva measured from the edge of the gingiva to the lower border of the upper lip is more than 2mm in height. In general, when a person smiles only a small portion of the gingiva is visible in the upper jaw. Generally a condition that can be tolerated from an aesthetic point of view when smiling is when the visible gingival height not more than 2mm,” he explained.

Gummy smile, he continued, could be caused by several factors, including delayed eruption, inflammation, and excessive maxillary growth. The factor that often causes gummy smile is the delay of passive eruption. Dental growth includes 2 phases, the active phase and the passive phase. The active phase is characterized by the growth of the teeth towards the occlusal plane, while the passive growth is characterized by the movement of the gingival edges to the apical direction (root tip).

“So the anatomical shape of the dental crown looks normal, both in height and width. If there is a passive delay in eruption, the gingiva does not move apically, “he said.

At the end, Agung also talked about the treatment of gummy smile using the triangular frenotomy technique. According to him, the treatment had several advantages, including that the wound was not wide because it only involved an area as wide as the left and right incisors. Furthermore, the gummy smile patient treated with the triangular frenotomy technique has been shown to improve the aesthetics when smiling because the upper front lip is pulled down so that it can cover the gingiva which at first looks excessive when smiling.

“Patients also hardly feel any complications after the surgery. Follow up treatments for 3 months showed stable results and without complaints. Therefore, gummy smile treatment with a new technique, triangular frenotomy, can be concluded to give satisfactory results, “he concluded.

Source: http://news.unair.ac.id/en/2021/02/26/unair-expert-finds-new-technique-for-gummy-smile-treatment/


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