Airlangga Business Community Meet Up discusses potential of sheep/goat farming business in Indonesia Thursday, 04 March 2021 15:19

olanda Surya Wijaya speaks about the potential of sheep and goat farming business in Indonesia. (Doc: Personal documentation)


UNAIR NEWS – In order to accommodate and develop student interest in entrepreneurship, Airlangga Business Community (ABC) collaborated with the Management Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Airlangga (FEB UNAIR) has held ABC Meet Up. This time, ABC Meet Up focuses on discussing the business potential of sheep and goat farming.


Yolanda Surya Wijaya as the Owner of was present as the main speaker for this activity. Kandang Kondang is a goat and sheep farming company that provides breeders’ need and meat for consumption.

Yolanda said that she and her husband were inspired by the story of Abdurrahman bin Auf, one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad. Abdurrahman bin Auf was a very rich man who was in Mecca at that time, but when he moved to Medina with the Prophet, he did not have anything.

“Arriving in Medina, Abdurrahman bin Auf then asked the richest man in Medina to show him where the market was. Well, one of his ways to get rich again is by trading goats,” he said.

Furthermore, Yolanda sees the great potential for the sheep and goat farming business in Indonesia. First, from an increasing culinary business with sheep or goats.

“After I did a little research, there will be opportunities to export goats and sheep to foreign countries,” she continued.

Based on data in 2018, the increasing need for goats for the Aqiqah Institute is very high. In fact, the record showed there is a need reaching 6.3 million goats/sheep per year with a value of not less than 6.3 trillion per year. Then for Qurban ritual data, she continued, the need for sheep and goats was quite high. There is an increasing need for goats and sheep from the Qurban total percentage.

“This indicates that there is an existing market opportunity. Then with these potentials, where will we focus on? ” she continued.


Yolanda explained to the livestock business there are four alternative main focus, trading, fattening, breeding, and milking. For trading, entrepreneurs can start by buying and selling meat for culinary consumption.



“For initial trading business, I suggest taking advantage of the Qurban event. The risk is relatively small, ” she explained.



For fattening, Yolanda usually buys sheep that are 7-8 months old. At these ages, the development of sheep can be very rapid.


“After they are fat, then can we sell them back. The fattening period is approximately 2-3 months, ” she added.


The third business focus is breeding which is the heart of the livestock business. The breeding business is a business where the profits will be very large. However, the harvest is quite time consuming.



“For breeding, there is usually five months of pregnancy, then 2-3 months of breastfeeding. It took about 9 months to harvest. If you want a shortcut, we can buy a pregnant sheep,” she suggested.


Sheep and goat farms in Kandang Kondang, implement incentive maintenance. Kandang Kondang provides one room for one goat so its growth can be more intensive. Kandang Kondang already has maintenance SOP for each size of sheep.


“There is also a portion of feed concoction. All feed must contain good nutritional content. Then for milking, currently dairy sheep in Indonesia are rare. For milking, we raise and milk the etawa goats,” she concluded. (*)



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