BEM UNAIR launches app to support students Friday, 11 June 2021 17:19

Minister of Medinfo (in the middle) UNAIR Student Executive Board, Rahmat Bayu. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The Industrial sector in today’s new normal era is growing rapidly in Indonesia. The optimization of digital media use is recommended more to attain the expected speed of communication and information.

The Ministry of Media and Information (Medinfo) Student Executive Board (BEM) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has just launched an application called ASA UNAIR on Monday, June 7, 2021, in Amerta Hall, Campus C Management office building. ASA UNAIR is an acronym for UNAIR Aplikasi Bersama Arek.

The Ministry of Media and Information BEM UNAIR, Rahmat Bayu, explained, “This app creation was inspired from the students’ experience who were confused on how to do their organizational activities during online lectures. Therefore, an idea came up to create a medium in the form of an application that is able to provide information.”

To alleviate the anxiety of UNAIR students and at the same time realize ideas related to application development, Medinfo BEM UNAIR involved many parties to work together.

“We also involved the Director of Information Systems (DSI) UNAIR for guidance and tools’ support. Furthermore, we work with a developer for the application,” said Mathew.

In the interview, he explained that the ASA UNAIR app has features for scholarships, internships, job vacancies, academic information, community organizations information, and the marketplace.

“Not only facilitating, but ASA UNAIR app can also help students develop and establish collaborations related to projects because this application also displays academic information such as scientific projects and scientific works of UNAIR students,” explained Mathew.

“As for the student organization feature, they can describe their work program or promote their organization.”

Regarding promotions, according to Mathew’s explanation, the marketplace feature is aimed at students who have businesses or start a business so that they can promote their business at ASA UNAIR.

Thus, this application displays information and provides a beneficial medium for students, and they will register in ASA UNAIR.

For both UNAIR and non-UNAIR students, ASA UNAIR application can now be downloaded on Playstore for android users. Meanwhile, for iPhone users, this app is still projected in the future so that all students, both Android and IOS users, can enjoy the features of ASA UNAIR. (*)

Author: Zahwa E. Bella

Editor: Feri Fenoria



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