East Java Governor describes strategic programs in handling COVID-19 pandemic Thursday, 22 July 2021 11:22

East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – FK UNAIR Cochlea 2021 social service activity held a session to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday morning, July 10, 2021. The keynote speaker of the webinar was the Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

In response to the exponential increase in COVID-19 cases due to the delta variant transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Khofifah said that East Java would further maximize the performance of the four COVID-19 control and prevention teams. The four teams are the promotion-preventive team, the tracing team, the curative team, and the socio-economic impact team. This optimization is crucial because the East Java Provincial Government cannot underestimate one aspect of the pandemic impacts.

“Often, the criticisms made against us are about the daily data. We affirm that such data is input by each hospital in real-time. The reporting authority lies with district/city governments, but the provincial government often intervenes in the form of monitoring so that data in East Java has a high level of accountability,” said the new UNAIR Alumni Association (IKA UNAIR) Chair.

Khofifah also mentioned that she might be the only governor in the country who asked the Indonesian Ministry of Health to send a team so that the death data in East Java could be audited.

Considering that there is no longer a yellow zone in East Java, the alumni of FISIP UNAIR emphasized that East Java should further accelerate the vaccination program. She said that the acceleration must also be based on coastal areas because these areas have limited access to health facilities compared to urban areas.

“Therefore, a collaborative pentahelix approach is very important in the success of this vaccination. I have designed a collaboration program with IKA UNAIR and BEM FK UNAIR, which is of course based on coastal areas, hopefully, next week, it can be implemented, “said the former Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs.

Khofifah hoped that by August, East Java would be able to administer 300 thousand doses per day. According to her, East Java’s achievement, getting closer to herd immunity, is a worthy gift for celebrating independence.

“With the record of the vaccines, hopefully, the target to give the first dose of vaccine injection could be completed. Strategic programs such as village-based vaccination, vaccination sites in some points, and mass mobilization in collaboration with the Regional Police and the TNI must also be carried out so that this pandemic ends quickly,” concluded Khofifah.

Author: Pradnya Wicaksana

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