Khofifah inaugurates IKA UNAIR officials, Prof. Nasih emphasizes two things Monday, 13 September 2021 22:04

FROM the left, UNAIR Rector Prof. Moh Nasih receives an ambulance symbolically from the General Chairperson of IKA UNAIR Khofifah Indar Parawansa after inaugurating the IKA UNAIR Central Management for 2021-2025 period at Garuda Mukti on Saturday, September 11, 2021. (Photo: Agus Irwanto)

UNAIR NEWS – General Chairperson of Universitas Airlangga Alumni Association (IKA UNAIR) Khofifah Indar Parawansa has just inaugurated central management officials of IKA UNAIR. Being held at Garuda Mukti, the inauguration on Saturday, September 11, 2021, was attended by UNAIR Rector, all deans at UNAIR, IKA UNAIR advisory board, IKA UNAIR expert council, and all IKA UNAIR members from all over Indonesia, both offline and online.

In his speech, UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE, MT, Ak., said that IKA UNAIR is a strategic part with a significant role. Therefore, Prof. Nasih emphasized that the existence of IKA UNAIR should not only be for the institution itself but also the alma mater and the nation.

“Do not only focus on the organization, but it also needs to be present to serve and gain a good reputation for the alma mater and the state of Indonesia,” he explained.

Two main things

Furthermore, Prof. Nasih said that there are two main things that require supports from alumni. The first problem is related to the length of waiting time for undergraduate program graduates. Furthermore, it is also related to the first salary for some alumni, which is not yet high enough. In that case, Prof. Nasih hoped that the alumni under the auspices of the 2021-2025 IKA UNAIR management could contribute to solving the problem.

“I hope that alumni are able to help with these employability issues by hiring or collaborating as well as possible with undergraduate graduates. If the alumni don’t believe in the abilities of their younger siblings, what about other parties,” said Prof. Nasih.

Furthermore, the second issue, according to Prof. Nasih, is related to the contribution of alumni in solving state problems. We all know that Indonesia is still struggling to overcome the Covid-19 problems. Through various efforts, Prof. Nasih hoped that IKA UNAIR would be involved in dealing with the pandemic.

“I see that the contribution of alumni in overcoming this pandemic is quite good. However, the energy must be maintained until the end, don’t just speed up at the beginning, but later in the middle, the contribution has stopped,” he emphasized.

In her inauguration speech, Khofifah Indar Parawansa also emphasized that the presence of alumni in solving various problems is very important. According to the woman who also serves as the Governor of East Java, IKA UNAIR’s presence could leave inscriptions that show UNAIR is always involved in community services everywhere.

“We can no longer count how many alumni have been raised and given knowledge by UNAIR. So, let’s build a network and synergy with each other to give dedication to the Indonesian people,” she concluded.

Author: Nikmatus Sholikhah

Editor: Feri Fenoria



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