Supporting campus free of sexual violence, UNAIR ready to assist survivors Wednesday, 05 January 2022 16:23

Illustration by Andi Pramono

UNAIR NEWS – Sexual violence on campus has been a trending topic of discussion in society. One by one, survivors spoke up on violence cases, meaning many were still reluctant to report the incident. There are various reasons, from pressures from the surrounding environment to threats from perps with power.

Through the assisting team formed based on Permendikbud No. 30 of 2021, survivors need not hesitate for reporting the perpetrators. Within the scope of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), survivors can contact the UNAIR Help Center as an assisting institution via Instagram @help_centerunair, call Whatsapp at 081615507016, or visit UNAIR Help Center administration office on the first floor Student Center building, Campus C UNAIR Surabaya. Before being appointed as an assisting institution, UNAIR Help Center had experience as a counselor for students.

Survivors can tell the events that happened by bringing supporting evidence. “Even though it happened a long time ago, please keep the evidence because it will be very helpful for the process,” said Dr. Liestianingsih D. Dayanti, Dra, M.Si as the head of the UNAIR Help Center.

After the report is received, a counselor will accompany the survivor and ensure that the survivor’s mental health is in good condition. “If necessary, survivors who have fear or anxiety disorders will be referred to psychologists, shelter homes, or other medical services,” she said.

The assisting team will examine the report and collect evidence that supports the incident. “Because the survivors should not be harmed by accusations of defamation by the perpetrators,” she explained.

UNAIR Help Center also facilitates the identity protection of survivors, so they do not need to be afraid of having their identities exposed after reporting the perpetrators. “We use a counselor’s code of ethics so that the identity of the informants will not be exposed. We also facilitate their needs. Do they want us to inform the family? or if they don’t want it, we won’t intervene,” she said.

As the Head of UNAIR Help Center, Lies realized that various psychological conditions of the survivors could make them afraid to speak up. “Indeed, we cannot intervene, but we hope that the Help Center can be used optimally; perhaps their friends can also help report to us,” she said.

Lies hopes that through the support of all campus elements, we can create a campus environment that is safe, healthy, and free from sexual violence. (*)

Author: Stefanny Elly

Editor : Khefti Al Mawalia



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