UNAIR Gelatah Team makes environmentally-friendly fuel Thursday, 06 January 2022 10:46

Environmentally friendly fuel products made by UNAIR Gelatah Team. (Photo: Personal Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – At a young age, Abdul Rohman already has innovative business ideas but still prioritizes the preservation of living things on earth. Rohman and the Gelatah Team succeeded in making innovations in manufacturing environmentally friendly fuel from used cooking oil. Thanks to this brilliant idea, the Gelatah Team won second Place in the 2021 Youth Sharia Sociopreneurship Competition (YSSC).

The Gelatah team are Abdul Rohman, Vita Amaiya H, Pradayan Adli, Zafirah Haezah Hazrati Muftin, and Nina Valerina. The team initiated the idea to produce renewable energy sources from used cooking oil. In practice, the team invites the community to contribute to protecting the earth by using environmentally friendly products.

“We want to help the community by not depending on non-renewable natural resources,” said Rohman.

In their business idea, used cooking oil is processed into fuel that can be used to heat food. The fuel is suitable for households, food and beverage businesses, and nature lovers.

“Not only about money, our business is also profitable for the community to create jobs and a much better environmental condition.”

UNAIR Gelatah Team wins 2nd Place in the 2021 Youth Sharia Sociopreneurship Competition (YSSC).

The 2020 Accounting student said that they are committed to making alternative fuels that are cheap and environmentally friendly. With knowledge and experience in the field of sharia business, the team can more easily explain the muamalah fiqh of their business.

“There is no ‘giving up’ in our dictionary. Even though we were confused and shaken during the final round, but Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s permission, we got YSSC National 2nd Place,” he said.

In the future, Team Gelatah’s business ideas will be incubated and refined. Universitas Airlangga Incubator and UNAIR BPBRIN are very supportive of realizing the business idea immediately. The business is expected to provide benefits to the earth, society, and country.

“Currently, the business has reached the production stage through the laboratory provided by the UNAIR Incubator,” he concluded. (*)

Author:  Sandi Prabowo

Editor  :  Binti Q. Masruroh

Source: http://news.unair.ac.id/en/2022/01/04/unair-gelatah-team-makes-environmentally-friendly-fuel/


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