Trending Layangan Putus Series, UNAIR Family Sociology expert responds Thursday, 06 January 2022 10:59

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UNAIR NEWS – Lately, Layangan Putus Series has attracted a lot of attention from the public. The series, which tells of domestic infidelity, is trending in various social media channels. In this regard, Prof. Dr. Sutinah, Dra., MS, UNAIR Family Sociology lecturer, wants to focus on women to be empowered and good at reading signs.

According to Sutinah, it is necessary to rebuild trust in saving a marriage after an affair. However, it’s not an easy thing to do for the ‘hurt’ woman. Furthermore, she continued about social order, she said that patriarchal ideology is still dense in society.

“There’s a social construction that considers women to be weak and easy to hurt by men. To be specific, women are often placed in subordinate positions, meaning they can only obey, even though women have the right to have the opportunity to defend themselves,” explained the Professor of FISIP UNAIR on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Prof. Dr. Sutinah, Dra., MS, UNAIR Family Sociology Lecturer. (Photo: Personal Documentation)

Prof. Sutinah also added an example when a man is wealthy, his social circle is wide, he feels capable and does not hesitate to try cheating. At that moment, women must be able to read the signs.

“Be aware of being cheated on, when they unusually come home late from work, when they suddenly try to look trendy, and other differences that stand out from everyday life,” said Prof. Sutinah. “Women must be brave in facing this situation, dare to reveal that infidelity is a deviant act,” she added.

Furthermore, she also revealed that someone who had an affair can cheat again.

“Similar to people who violate the traffics, in sociology, a deviant behavior seeks benefits. It can be an advantage in terms of time. Well, infidelity is a means to enjoy something, it doesn’t have to be only about sex,” said Prof. Sutinah.

Prof. Sutinah also revealed why women often maintain the household after being cheated on many times. According to her, mostly because of financial factors, they still depend on men.

“I think that families need to build an equal happiness, all house chores doesn’t have to be done by women, they only stay at home and don’t look well, then the men leave, looking for another dream place,” she said.

She emphasized that women must be empowered and have the right to be present in public spaces and be literate so that they are not easily fooled.

Author: Viradyah Lulut Santosa

Editor: Nuri Hermawan



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