Student Enterpreneurship & Job Placements Wednesday, 27 February 2019 11:40

According to the evaluation result, each year there is 17% graduates of Universitas Airlangga who are still difficult to get a job after 12 months being graduated. It happens due to limited information of job placements. It inspired Universitas Airlangga to establish an body which is held to provide information regarding job placements or opportunities.

Based on the issuance of Rector’s Decree number: 4312/JO3/OT/2003 dated 22 May 2003. Job Placement Center (JPC UNAIR) was established or now known as Career and Entrepreneurship Development Center (PPKK) which functions as a bridge between the job-seekers and the companies. The alumni are expected to get more and easier information regarding the professional world in general.

It is established to coordinate job-seeking activity of the new graduates, develop partnerships between academicians and stakeholders (society and business community) and integrate academic activity with the professional world. PPKK must be able to hold Job Fair such as Airlangga Job Fair where the graduates can apply for jobs directly to the companies, and the companies have opportunity to select their candidates directly. PPKK UNAIR establishment is expected to shortened alumni’s idle period and it must be able to develop and be the bridge between UNAIR and the professional world as well as to prepare the academicians well for it. Based on Rector’s decree to improve the quality of PPKK, divisions are established within PPKK, such as Information System, Human Resources Development and Partnership.

The alumni are expected to use the facilities provided well to get jobs. PPKK also expands its network not only for the alumni but also for the public. It has made a breakthrough innovation by giving a member card for anyone who joins PPKK. The card can help the member to get information from PPKK on the latest jobs and the updates of PPKK activities.


Head of PPKK: Elly Munadziroh (Dr., drg., MS.)

Airlangga Convention Center (ACC)
Campus C Mulyorejo Surabaya Indonesia 60115
Tel. +62-031-5955580
Fax. +62-031-5955581