International Class and Double Degree Program Thursday, 10 December 2020 15:30
1 IUP in Medicine 
2 IUP in Dental Medicine 
3 IUP in Veterinery Medicine 
4 IUP in Pharmacy 
5 IUP in Psychology 
6 IUP in Laws 
7 IUP in Accounting 
8 IUP in Management
9 IUP in Islamic Economics 

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Psychology  Undergraduate School of Psychology and Counselling Faculty of Health Queensland University of Technology Australia
Dental Medicine Undergraduate International Dental Course Hiroshima University Japan
Accounting Undergraduate School of Finance and Accounting Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Occupational Health and Safety Master’s degree International Public Health School of Medicine Griffith University
Pharmacy Master’s degree Management and Science University Malaysia
Biomedical Engineering Master’s Degree Asia University Taiwan
Islamic Economics Science Master’s Degree Asia University Taiwan