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UNAIR Faculty of Veterinary Medicine lecturer discovers the benefit of Pegagan to inhibit tumor cell growth


stemcell UNAIR
A 2020 scientific evidence by Dr. Iwan Sahrial Hamid, drh., M.Si., revealed pegagan has benefit as an inhibitor of tumor growth through the antiangiogenesis. Based on the results of macroscopic and microscopic observations, it appears that the angiogenesis response on the chorioalantois membrane (CAM) induced by bFGF decreases or the inhibition of angiogenesis on CAM increases with increasing doses of ethanolic extract of pegagan leaves that are tested. 

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Effects of Carboxymethyl Chitosan Hydrogel with turmeric ethanol extract

tropical diseases UNAIR
Wounds are damage to normal structures of the skin, either closed or open ones. Based on healing duration, wounds are classified into acute and chronic wounds.

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Potential of betel leaf extract for vibriosis control in shrimps

Pharmacy UNAIR
Betel ( Piper betle L.) is included in the Peperaceae family, which is a type of plant that is widely used for medicinal purposes. Parts of the betel plant ( Piper betle L.) such as roots, seeds, and leaves have potential for medicinal purposes, but the leaves are most frequently used. 

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Effect of Black Tea (camellia sinensis) on Serum Adiponectin Level in Atherogenic Diet Rats

social science UNAIR
The results of this research showed a positive correlation, meaning that the higher the dose of addition of black tea, the higher the results of measured adiponectin levels.

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