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Campus Map 


Campus A Profile:

Campus A of Universitas Airlangga is located in Jl. Mayjen. Prof. Dr. Moestopo No. 47 Surabaya, opposite Dr. Soetomo General Hospital Surabaya. Some faculties in Campus A:

  1. Faculty of Medicine;
  2. Faculty of Dentistry

Supporting facilities in Campus A:

  1. Campus A Library;
  2. Oral and Dental Hospital;
  3. Graha BIK-IPTEKDOK Auditorium.

There is also a post office and banks and ATMs; CIMB Niaga, ATM Bank BNI ’46 and Bank Mandiri.


Campus B Profile:

It is located in Jl. Airlangga No. 4-6 Surabaya. Some Faculties in Campus B :

  1. Faculty of Economics and Business;
  2. Faculty of Law;
  3. Facuty of Psychology;
  4. Faculty of Pharmacy;
  5. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences;
  6. Faculty of Humanities;
  7. Postgraduate School.

Supporting facilities in Campus B:

  1. Management Master Program Building (MM – FEB);
  2. Information and Language Center (PINLABS);
  3. Campus B Library;
  4. Career and Entrepreneurship Development Center (PPKK);
  5. Educational Assessment and Development Institute (LP3);
  6. Airlangga Healthcare Center (PLK) Campus B;
  7. Student Admission Center (PPMB);
  8. Joint Base Laboratory;
  9. Legal Consult and Aid;
  10. Legal Drafting and Management;
  11. Institute of Constitutional Study;
  12. Intellectual Property Rights Center;
  13. Airlangga Pharmacy;
  14. Nuruzzaman Mosque;
  15. All purpose Buiding (GSG);
  16. Ceria Kindergarten;
  17. Dharma Wanita Nursery.

Beside those facilities, in Campus B there is also a guesthouse, banks and ATMs; Bank BTN, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI ’46, Bank Muamalat, and Bank BRI.


Campus C Profile:

Campus C located in Jl. Mulyorejo Surabaya. Some faculties in Campus C :

  1. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine;
  2. Faculty of Science and Technology;
  3. Faculty of Public Health;
  4. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine.

Supporting facilities in Campus C:

  1. Student Admission Center (PPMB);
  2. Career and Entrepreneurship Development Center (PPKK);
  3. Campus C Healthcare Center (PLK-UA);
  4. Universitas Airlangga Publication and Printing Center;
  5. International Office and Partnership (IOP);
  6. Information and Public Relations Center (PIH);
  7. Procurement Service Center;
  8. Technological Development and Informational System Center;
  9. Scientific Journal and Publication Development Center;
  10. Avian Influence Center;