International Partnership Tuesday, 07 July 2020 00:27

Various breakthroughs continuously made by academic communities of Universitas Airlangga to achieve Top 500 World Class Universities. One of them is conducted through international partnerships. The partnerships are developed with various universities across the world. They are conducted through academic and research collaborations, international journal publications, student and staff exchange programs and other international mobility programs such as visiting professors, adjunct professors and other programs. Details on the partnerships can be viewed here.


Exchange Mobility 

Universitas Airlangga to achieve Top 500 World Class Universities collaborates with various institutions, not only with domestic education institutions, but also education institutions abroad. UNAIR gives opportunities to its students to follow student exchange programs abroad in order to gain insights and develop their researches. In this regard, UNAIR does not  only emphasize formal education, but also the academics' research and publications as important aspects to improve the university's reputation globally. Details on the exchange mobility can be viewed here.




Source : Airlangga Global Engagement 2018 

The number of individual FTE submitted and verified by QS. December 31 2018.

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