Admission Wednesday, 12 June 2019 09:39

Universitas Airlangga manages the selection and admission of students in various programs:

  1. Vocational Studies (Diploma 3 and Diploma 4)
  2. Bachelor’s (Independent Admission and Transfer)
  3. Postgraduate:
  4. Master’s
  5. Doctoral
  6. Accounting Professional Education (PPAk)
  7. Specialist Programs:
  8. Dental Medicine Specialist Program (PPDGS),
  9. Medical Specialist (PPDS 1),
  10. Medical Subspecialist (PPDS 2)

Admission Procedure

Steps to Log in:

  1. Open admission website of Universitas Airlangga:
  2. Log in with email account and password previously registered. The first page shows the process applicants need to go through. Applicants must register their email and password in their first visit. Click [Registration] to create account.
  3. Follow the first step of online registration by clicking the link given.
  4. On the next page, choose the program to apply and click [Registration].
  5. Next, choose the form to fill in (Bachelor/Master/Doctoral/Professional/Specialist) / the category (IPA/IPS/IPC), then click [Save]. Applicants will be directed to application form page.
  6. Fill in the form and make sure everything is filled then click [Save].
  7. After filling in the registration form, the next step is uploading the required documents. To upload documents, click [Upload form] from the menu.
  8. Upload the documents one at a time and mind the type of files which can be uploaded and seal for the statement letters. After uploaded it, click [Submit to verify].
  9. After form submitted and documents uploaded, applicants just need to wait for verification process.

Payments can be made in partner banks: Bank Mandiri (Bankteller and ATM), Bank BNI (Bankteller), Bank BRI (Bankteller) and Bank Jatim (Bankteller). Payments must be made in the same bank, fund transfer to different banks is not available. After making the payment in the bank, applicants will get voucher pin which can be used to print admission test card. It can be done after applicants filling in a questionnaire. International students must go through the same steps by selecting language through [Pilih Bahasa] and choose English.

More information about student admission of Universitas Airlangga is available on: