Task and Function Universitas Airlangga Tuesday, 09 March 2021 10:56

In organizing the higher education, UNAIR’s principles are:

  1. non-profit organization with capability to manage funds independently to develop UNAIR
  2. Independence and good governance
  3. Democratic, just and non-discriminatory by upholding human rights, religious values, cultural values, pluralism, unity and national unity
  4. Development of academic culture and scientific autonomy for the academic community;
  5. Lifelong culturization and empowerment of the nation
  6. Exemplary, willingness, and development of student creativity in learning
  7. Student-centered learning by paying attention to the environment in harmony and balance
  8. Freedom in choosing programs based on students' interests, talents and abilities
  9. Concern for economically disadvantaged community
  10. Empowerment of all components of society through participation in the implementation and quality control of UNAIR services
  11. Lifelong education with a continuous learning paradigm
  12. One systemic unit with an open system and multiple meanings.

UNAIR functions:

  1. To develop capabilities and shape the character and dignified civilization of the nation in order to develop the nation’s intellectual life
  2. To develop innovative, responsive, creative, skilled, competitive and cooperative academic community through the implementation of Tridharma
  3. To develop science and technology by taking into account and applying humanities values
  4. To organize higher education and improve the quality of life and the environment.