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Education History

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1 S1 ITB 1996 2001

Research Interest

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1 Fundamental Mechanism Development of Antioxidant Activity from Indonesian Local Plants
2 Fundamental Mechanism Development of Biological Processes on Cholinergic Hypothesis Lead to Alzheimer's Diseases
3 Pemodelan Interaksi Garam Lithium dan Polimer Berbasis Density Functional Theory
4 Pemodelan Proses Peroksidasi Lemak


No Publication Year
1 A Theoretical Study of monodeuteriation effect on the rearrangement of trans-HCOH to H2CO via quantum tunneling with DFT and WKB approximation
2 A Theoretical Study of the Rearranging trans-HCOH to H2CO via quantum tunneling with DFT and WKB approximation
3 Theoretical Study on Frontier Orbitals of Dehydrogenated Tetrahydrocurcumin in Gas Phase
4 Permeability Analysis of Fe2O3 Magnetic Core
5 Dipole strength calculation based on two-level system approximation to study Q=B-band intensity ratio of ZnTBP in solvent
6 Solvent Effect on Bond Dissociation Enthalpy (BDE) of Tetrahydrocurcumin: A Theoretical Study
7 Implementation of density functional theory method on object-orientedprogramming (C++) to calculate energy band structure using the projector augmented wave (PAW)
8 Predicting Notable Radical Scavenging Sites of Gnetin C Using Density Functional Theory
9 Towards hand gasture-based control of virtual keyboards for effective communication
10 DFT and CBS Study on Conformational Effect in the Ethyl Acetate Neutral Hydrolysis 2020
11 A Density-functional Study of the Conformational Preference of Acetylcholine in the Neutral Hydrolysis 2020
12 The transition state conformational effect on the activation energy of ethyl acetate neutral hydrolysis 2019
13 Oxygen reduction reaction mechanism on a phosporus-doped pyrolyzed graphitic Fe/N/C catalyst 2019
14 Teaching Reaction Kinetics Through Isomerization Cases with the basis of Density-functional Calculations 2019
15 Acquisition of electrical signals using commercial electronic components for detection system of Lead ion in distilled water 2018
16 Frontier Orbitals of Dehydrogenated Tetrahydrocurcumin in Water Solvent: A Theoretical Study 2018
17 Bis(Bipyridyl)-Ru(II)-1-benzoyl-3-(pyridine-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole as potential photosensitiser: Experimental and density functional theory study 2017
18 First principles study of exygen molecule interaction with the graphitic active sites of a boron-doped pyrolyzed Fe-N-C catalst 2017
19 electivity of CO and NO adsorption on ZnO (0002) surfaces: A DFT investigation 2017
20 The first-principle study on stability or trans-HCOH in various solvents 2017

Community Service

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1 Pengenalan Proses Pembuatan Gas Sintetik dari Sampah Organik Kepada Siswa SMA di Kecamatan Bangsal Kabupaten Mojokerto, Jawa Timur 2019

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rusydi (at) fst.unair.ac.id