Prof., Dr. SUKARDIMAN Apt., M.S.


No Publication Year
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2 Calotropis gigantea leaf extract increases the efficacy of 5-fluorouracil and decreases the efficacy of doxorubicin in widr colon cancer cell culture 2018
3 A review: Melia azedarach L. as a potent anticancer drug 2018
4 Calotroposid A: A glycosides terpenoids from Calotropis gigantea induces apoptosis of colon cancer WiDr cells through cell cycle arrest G2/M and caspase 8 expression 2018
5 Cytotoxic activity of ethanolic extract of the marine sponge Aaptos suberitoides against T47D cell 2018
6 Ethyl acetate fraction of Calotropis gigantea roots induce apoptosis through increased G2/M and increased expression of caspase-8 in colon cancer WiDr cell line 2017
7 Inhibition of fibrosarcoma growth by 5-hydroxy-7-ethoxy-flavanons from kaempferia pandurata roxb 2016
8 New isolinariins C, D and E, flavonoid glycosides from Linaria japonica 2016
9 The role of ethyl acetate fraction of andrographis paniculata and doxorubicin combination toward the increase of apoptosis and decrease of vegf protein expression of mice Fibrosarcoma cells 2015
10 New cis-ent-clerodanes from Linaria japonica 2015
11 Ethyl acetate fraction of andrographis paniculata ness increases cytotoxic effect of 5-fluorouracil on human cancer cell lines 2014
12 Immunohistochemical study of Curcuma xantorrhiza Roxb. and Morinda citirifolia L. ethanolic extract granules combination in high fat diet induced hyperlipidemia rats 2014
13 The increasing of vegf expression and re-epithelialization on dermal wound healing process after treatment of banana peel extract (Musa acuminata colla) 2014
14 Structure modification of ethyl p-methoxycinnamate and their bioassay as chemopreventive agent against mice's fibrosarcoma 2012
15 Cytotoxic mechanism of flavonoid from Temu Kunci (Kaempferia pandurata) in cell culture of human mammary carcinoma 2000