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1 Political Connections, Overinvestment and Governance Mechanism in Indonesia
2 Business Strategy, Performance and Annual Report Readability in Indonesia
3 CEO Busyness, Corporate Governance, and Cost of Debt
4 Female Audit Engagement Partner and Audit Quality: Evidences from Indonesian Banking Industry
5 Meta-Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibilities in Indonesia
6 Sustainability Report Practices in Indonesia: Context, Policy, and Readability??
7 The Effect of Board Effectiveness and Independence on The Narration of GHG Emissions Disclosure (Greenhouse Gases)
8 Social Responsibility Reporting on Telecommunications Companies: Evidence from Indonesia and Malaysia
9 Sentiment Analysis Trend on Sustainability Reporting in Indonesia: Evidence from Construction Industry
10 Do Environmental Performance Matter to the Firm Performance? New Insight from SOE
11 Research on Carbon Disclosure: Literature Review
12 Text Mining on Sustainability Reporting in Indonesia: Evidence from Construction Industry
13 Does a female audit engagement partner offer higher audit quality?
14 The Effect of Corporate Reputation on Firm Financial Performance: Indonesian Evidence
15 Firm Size, Firm Age and The MD&A Report Readability
16 Human Resource Disclosures, Future Performance, and Bankruptcy Risk
17 Cost of debt Capital and Human Resources Disclosure: An Empirical Evidence in Indonesia
18 Do independent commissioners able to mitigate higher audit fees in politically connected firms? Evidences from indonesia
19 Family firms, political connections, and managerial short-termism
20 Independent audit committee, risk management committee, and audit fees
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