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Sharing Knowledge Through International Conference

Understanding the need of new innovations on early disease detection, FKH held an international conference.

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Young-tailed Frog Serum May Inhibit Cancer Cell Proliferation Activity

PKMPE team from FKH UNAIR conducted a research on cancer and found a serum in young frog-tailed.

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Bioplastics from Shrimp Shell Waste and Avocado Seeds, Alternative of Environmentally Friendly Plastics

Students of FST have made an innovation from the waste of avocado seeds and shrimp shell into bioplastics.

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UNAIR Students Create Unique Drink from Apple Skin

Five students of FKM have succeeded in utilizing the remaining skin of apple to be nutritious tea.

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As one of WCU from Indonesia, we are pleased to invite acedemics or researches of overseas universities.

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OPEN RECRUITMEN Center for Security and Welfare Studies (CSWS)

CSWS is the leading social and political research center under Airlangga University which specialized in security and welfare

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Universitas Airlangga Highlight

Accreditation Publicity Marks RS UNAIR Achieves Full Accreditation

The Accreditation Publicity and Open House Airlangga Health Science Institute (AHSI) mark full accreditation achievement by R


Latest Airlangga University's Accreditation Achievement

Related news about accreditation of study programs and units in Airlangga University.


Airlangga University's Students in National Sport Week XIX

23 UNAIR's students who participate in PON XIX manage to contribute 26 medals for East Java Province.

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