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Debaters FH UNAIR Win Second Place at UNPAR

They won the second place in the event held on 6-8 April.

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S2 Forensic Science Teaches the Importance of Forensics in Society

The community service located in Ketapanrame Village, was themed Care to Serve and Share.

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Ignatius Jonan Invites Academicians to Optimize Energy for Nation’s Welfare

The minister who is familiarly called Jonan explained about the contribution of ESDM

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UNAIR – Australian Consulate General to Establish “Australia Banget Corner”

UNAIR discussed the opportunities of cooperation with Australia ,Monday, April 9, especially about higher education.

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Reregistration for Postgraduate Students from Partnership Program with Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar and Master's Degree of Professional Psychology from Partnership Program with Universitas Udayana For Even Semester 2017/ 2018 Academic Year

Only in Bahasa

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Master, Doctor, and Professional Program Re-registration For 2nd Wave of Even Semester 2017/2018

Students admitted from Master, Doctor, and Professional Program 2nd Wave selection for Even Semester 2017/2018

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Student Reregistration And Education Operational Fee (SOP) And/Or Single Tuition Fee (UKT) Payment For Even Semester 2017/ 2018 Academic Year

all students are obliged to re-register for the Even Semester in 2017/2018

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Universitas Airlangga Highlight

Accreditation Publicity Marks RS UNAIR Achieves Full Accreditation

The Accreditation Publicity and Open House Airlangga Health Science Institute (AHSI) mark full accreditation achievement by R


Latest Airlangga University's Accreditation Achievement

Related news about accreditation of study programs and units in Airlangga University.


Airlangga University's Students in National Sport Week XIX

23 UNAIR's students who participate in PON XIX manage to contribute 26 medals for East Java Province.