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A Glimpse into UNAIR’s Preparations for the 2024 ASEAN University Games

Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) building for a judo sports venue (Photo: PKIP UNAIR)
Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) building for a judo sports venue (Photo: PKIP UNAIR)

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesia is hosting the 2024 ASEAN University Games (AUG) from June 25 to July 6. Several universities in East Java, notably those in Surabaya and Malang, including Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), have been chosen as venues for different sports.

UNAIR, in collaboration with other universities, is meticulously preparing for the event. Prof. Dr. M. Hadi Subhan, UNAIR Director of Student Affairs, revealed that the university has been preparing for nearly a year, ensuring that facilities and infrastructure are ready. The Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) and the Sports Hall (GOR) at UNAIR MERR-C Campus are ready to host judo and 3×3 basketball events.

“Preparations have been ongoing for almost a year. We’ve coordinated extensively as part of the national organizing committee,” Prof. Subhan explained on Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

ASEAN countries will send student contingents to compete in 2024 AUG. At UNAIR, six countries will participate in judo and 3×3 basketball from June 25 to 29.

Sports Hall (GOR) UNAIR MERR-C Campus (Photo: PKIP UNAIR)
Sports Hall (GOR) UNAIR MERR-C Campus (Photo: PKIP UNAIR)

Although this is UNAIR’s first time hosting such an event, Prof. Subhan stated that the primary difference lies in the more complex coordination involving multiple parties, including ministries, the national committee, and international contingents.

“In principle, it’s similar to national-level events. UNAIR has previously managed several national activities,” said the Professor of Law.

Prof. Subhan emphasized various efforts are being made to ensure the event’s success. This time, UNAIR not only represents the university but also Indonesia. “We are committed to doing our best and hope the event runs smoothly. Preparations have been thorough, with no significant issues,” he said.

The AUG event involves extensive cooperation. UNAIR, alongside UNESA and other universities, is working collaboratively to ensure the success of AUG, scheduled from June 25 to July 6.

Regarding the organizing committee, Prof. Subhan mentioned the presence of both local and national committees. The local committee comprises members from UNAIR, involving various directorates and work units.

“There is also a national committee under UNESA’s coordination, serving as the chair of the national AUG committee. Meanwhile, the local committee includes multiple sectors and directorates, such as facilities and infrastructure, logistics, student affairs, and other supporting directorates,” he explained.

In addition to involving directorates and work units, UNAIR students, through Student Activity Units (UKM) and the Communication Forum (Forkom), also have the chance to participate in organizing AUG. Forkom UNAIR Chairperson, Fidia, stated, “Many students are involved as local university committee members, including volunteers in each competition, liaison officers (LOs), and medical staff.”

According to Fidia, student involvement in this event offers numerous benefits, providing new insights and experiences. “By being involved in international activities like this, we gain new insights. It also increases awareness outside that UNAIR is the host, and the UKM under Forkom and the Directorate of Student Affairs can advance,” she said.

Author: Yulia Rohmawati