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Auvi wins 1st Place in International Islamic Financial Olympiad

The winners of the International Islamic Financial Olympiad and Summer School 2023 (Source: By courtesy)
The winners of the International Islamic Financial Olympiad and Summer School 2023 (Source: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The academic community of the Faculty of Economics and Business ( FEB ) Universitas Airlangga has made another international achievement. This time, Auvi Diyanati Kanasibah won 1st place in Essay in Islamic Economics and Finance at the 2023 International Islamic Financial Olympiad and Summer School. Participants from six countries competed from Thursday, July 17, 2023, to Wednesday, July 26, 2023.

Auvi expressed her gratitude for making this achievement. By highlighting the Islamic Economy and Islamic Finance field, she expressed her critical thoughts regarding regulations for the distribution of Islamic social funds in Indonesia, which are still experiencing problems in their application.

“The government has made such a law. However, there are still many irregularities and problems in society, especially regarding distribution,” she said.

Auvi Diyanati Kanasibah, UNAIR Islamic Economics student 2020 (Source: By courtesy)

ECOBARN Innovation

The 2020 batch of Islamic Economics Study Program students created the Economy Recovery with Sharia Village Barn (ECOBARN) innovation. The ECOBARN scheme offers local community involvement without involving the government zakat agency (BAZNAS) to channel social funds. It can be a government strategy to develop region’s potential through the local community’s direct involvement.

“The end result of this scheme would be sustainable financial benefits, economic independence, and poverty alleviation,” she said.

Partner support and work in Malioboro

Auvi shared the story of essay writing in the Yogyakarta tourist area. With strong determination, she succeeded in working on the essay. The KSE scholarship recipient could complete the essay 30 minutes before the submission deadline.

“At that time we worked on it in the area around Malioboro. Initially, the intention was to go on a trip, but instead, I was hectic for writing essays,” she said.

Auvi has three colleagues who supported her work on the ECOBARN essay. They gave positive criticism of her work in every word. The three colleagues also participated in the event but in different competition categories.

“I am very grateful to have supportive colleagues who criticize my essay before I submit it. They are Dinda, Albar, and Diaz,” she said.

Auvi hoped that the innovation in the essay would inspire the community and the government, including input in strengthening regulations related to the distribution of Islamic social funds in Indonesia.

Author: Azhar Burhanuddin

Editor: Feri Fenoria