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Celebrating UNAIR Anniversary with Airlangga Run

The Airlangga Run 2023 at a glance, was held on Sunday, November 19, 2023, in the Management Building of UNAIR MERR-C Campus. (Photo: PKIP UNAIR)

UNAIR NEWSUniversitas Airlangga celebrated its 69th anniversary with various events, including the Airlangga Run 2023. The event was held on Sunday, November 19, 2023, in the Management Building of UNAIR MERR-C Campus.

Prof. Dr. Bambang Sektiari Lukiswanto DEA drh, Vice-Rector for Academic, Student, and Alumni Affairs started the race. Earlier, the participants sang the Indonesian national anthem, “Indonesia Raya” and the Airlangga Hymn. More than 1,700 runners, including members of the UNAIR academic community, participated in this event.

The route started from the MERR-C UNAIR Campus and ended at the same point, with a distance of 6.9 kilometers. The participants had the opportunity to win cash prizes and various door prizes.

Komunitas Mata Hati was also featured in the event. The community accommodates people with special needs to develop their talents. They performed music in the Airlangga Run.

Prof. Bambang stated that the event was held to express the institution’s gratitude for reaching a new milestone in its journey. “It’s a form of gratitude for reaching the 69th,” he said.

“This new age marks UNAIR’s contribution to the nation for 69 years, conducing to the development of a just and cultured society,” he said.

The running event is in line with UNAIR’s goal, considering its strategic positions. UNAIR has been ranked 345th among universities worldwide, 67th in Asia, 15th in Southeast Asia, and 4th nationally.

However, UNAIR will thrive for the better. “We will run together to achieve all of our hopes. We will run for a more advanced and better UNAIR,” he said.

Author: Icha Nur Imami Puspita

Editor: Nuri Hermawan