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ChatGPT goes viral, UNAIR lecturer: It has political value

ChatGPT (Illustration by KOMPAS.com)
ChatGPT (Illustration by KOMPAS.com)

UNAIR NEWS – Day by day, technological advancements are inevitable. Recently, the emergence of the ChatGPT platform went viral on social media. The artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot made by OpenAI is able to answer various user questions in language as fluent as human language.

In response, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Digital Politics lecturer Febby Risti Widjayanto SIP MSc considered that ChatGPT technology has political value, especially in promoting a certain economic and political viewpoint.

“Technology never appears in the form of a finished product, but has gone through several stages involving a process of refinement from period to period to the most advanced stage,” said Febby.

“The design and development, of course, is a matter of deliberate planning and creation. In the eyes of digital politics, this is what is meant by technology that is not valuefree,” she continued.

Universitas Airlangga’s Digital Politics Lecturer Febby Risti Widjayanto SIP MSc. (Photo: By courtesy)

The more sophisticated, the better performance

Febby continued, if the development of ChatGPT is at a very sophisticated stage, the platform will perform even better. In this case, ChatGPT has the ability to speak, communicate, and converse like human language skills in general.

“The sophistication that can help various jobs, especially in the field of storing, collecting and compiling information that leads to knowledge, is inseparable from the orientation of labor efficiency brought by political economic views such as modern Fordism and consumerism,” she said.

According to the Manchester University alumna, this political economic view will always be obsessed with the efficiency of human labor and maximizing products that have been standardized. In this context, the standard used is the NLP (Natural Language Processing) model, which is trained with a dataset in the form of text measuring approximately 40 Gigabytes.

Impact on many aspects

In the end, Febby said that the presence of ChatGPT would impact many sectors, such as the financial sector, health, education, programming, journalism, graphic design, and many other sectors.

“In fact, ChatGPT can perform tasks such as providing information about health, simple analysis of a company’s financial condition, writing news and other articles, and drawing a shape based on instructions given,” she concluded. (*)

Author: Rafli Noer Khairam Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia