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HEBAT is an acronym of a number of words that characterize Universitas Airlangga students. Consisting of five words in English, HEBAT is expected to inspire students, especially new students, to build their character, both when pursuing education at Unair and after completing it. The term was first conveyed by the Rector in welcoming new students.

H stand for Humble-Honestly; E, Excellent; B Brave; A Agile; dan T Transcendents.

Humble-HonestlyAll Unair students are expected to be not arrogant about their knowledge and their achievements. In addition, Unair students are obliged to be honest: telling something as it is (based on the truth or facts), not tainted by negative interests.

Excellent The word Excellent means that Unair students must have remarkable abilities in their respective field. Students are equipped with abilities in each field according to their study program and faculty.

Brave Students are expected to have the courage to do something in society: to be brave in taking the best policies and decisions for the society, as well as solving the problems of the societ.

Agile Unair students are expected to have quick responses and execution, to be responsive to various problems in society, and to be sensitive and responsive to current issues.

Transcendent Everything that students do should not be separated from God. There should be no barrier between students and the Almighty. Besides, transcendent can be interpreted as unthinkable thoughts, that is, Unair students must have unconstrained thoughts.

Be HEBAT, Knights of Airlangga! Happy studying! Be the pride of your parents, religion, and the Indonesian nation.