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Welcome to Research Publication Complaint Page

This is the online complaint page provided by Universitas Airlangga for UNAIR’s academic community who have information and wish to report any violations regarding Research Publications within Universitas Airlangga.


You do not need to worry about your identity being revealed because Universitas Airlangga will KEEP YOUR IDENTITY CONFIDENTIAL as a whistleblower. We value the information you report.

Your complaint will be followed up if it meets the requirements:
What: The act of violation that is known.
Where: Where the act was committed.
When: When the act was committed.
Who: Who was involved in the act.
How: How the act was committed (modus operandi, methods, etc.).

Complaint Form

Center for Communications and Public Information (PKIP) Universitas Airlangga

Amerta 203, Selasar Lantai 2, Management Office Building Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya 60115

(031) 5914042, 5914043 – ext: 228

(031) 5915551



The editorial team accepts submissions in the form of reports and opinion articles from readers. Include photos to strengthen the message in your writing. Send the manuscript and photos along with your phone number (WhatsApp) to the email address: adm@news.unair.ac.id