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Universitas Airlangga has more than 60 leadership development units and student organizations. These groups are spread across different levels of organization, from that of study programs, faculties, to university. Within these groups, there are Student Activity Units (UKM).

A UKM is a forum for developing student soft skills based on their interests and talents. There are five categories of UKM in Unair, namely: UKM of the Special Category consisting of six organizations, UKM of the Art category with eight organizations, UKM of the Sports category consisting of 13 organizations, UKM of the Martial Arts category with nine organizations, and UKM of Spirituality consisting of five organizations.

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Student Executive Board (BEM) Universitas Airlangga

Student Executive Board (BEM) is one of the biggest student organizations in Universitas Airlangga. The board consists of students across faculties. At the university level, this organization becomes a forum for students who are interested in leadership, political, social, and cultural issues, and are actively involved in social issues in the community.

Student Executive Board of Faculties

Universitas Airlangga has 15 Faculties and 1 Postgraduate School and so there are 15 Student Executive Boards (BEM) in the faculty level.


UNAIR as an educational institution has established entrepreneurial based education for more than 25 years, though in the early years this was pioneered by the Faculty of Economics.


Since 2009 and along with the implementation of the Entrepreneurship Student Program, UNAIR has been encouraging faculties to prioritize entrepreneurship programs for its academic members. At this moment, all UNAIR academic staff and students are familiar with this entrepreneurship term and activities.

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