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Three Psychology students create work value tools

Three Psychology students create work value tools
Three Psychology students create work value tools

UNAIR NEWS – The competitive nature of business demands competent human resources who uphold the company’s values. One of the instruments to measure those is the work value, which becomes one of the major keys in recruitment. It ensures that the prospective employees are not only technically qualified but also uphold cultural values that align with the company’s vision and mission.

Responding to the issue, Mujahidah Syakhsiyyatul Karimah, Keisya Nafa’a Maharani, and Ainizah Himmahwari Fattaqi developed the ‘Kenika’s Work Value’ project, a measuring instrument for assessing employees’ work values. They created the tools during their internship at the Faculty of Psychology’s Airlangga Digital Psych Bootcamp (ADPB).

ADPB is a digital psychopreneurship program that connects students to collaborate with reputable partners. To UNAIR NEWS, Karimah stated that the project focused on the development of competence in digital psychological assessment and intervention. The program was conducted for three months, from September to November 2023.

Kenika’s Work Value measures employee performance at work. The measuring tool can be used by the company or organization to define employee’s good behavior in line with company expectations, as well as negative behavior that needs attention within a professional context.

“I haven’t seen many ideas for work value measurement like this. There might be some, but it’s limited. Whereas work values are significantly impacting work performance and company output, people’s awareness of those is still lacking,” Karimah said.

They hoped that the measuring tool could be marketed, raising people’s awareness about the importance of work values in the professional world.

ADPB focuses on making collaborations with reputable partners. Karimah and her team partnered with Faxtor Indonesia, a Test Publisher Company based in Bandung, West Java. Faxtor Indonesia is one of the first companies to provide Test Publisher and Online Psychometric Assessment services in Indonesia.

During the internship, Karimah and her team were responsible for developing projects, marketing services, serving as online testers for assessment tools, creating educational video content, and organizing webinars for international psychological organizations. These activities offered meaningful experiences for delving deeper into the field of psychology, especially in psychopreneurship.

Author: Maryam Fauziah

Editor: Feri Fenoria