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Three UNAIR students clinch medals at SIMPIC 2024 in Thailand

UNAIR NEWS – Young and talented are the most fitting words to describe Muhammad Yasir Syafaatullah, Garuda Nusantara Putra Utomo, and Ilonney Nindya Kamila. These three promising doctors from Universitas Airlangga’s Faculty of Medicine (FK UNAIR) secured medals at the 13th Siriraj International Medical Microbiology, Parasitology, and Immunology Competition (SIMPIC 2024) in Thailand.

The competition was held in Siriraj Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University, Thailand. Yasir successfully earned a silver medal, while Garuda and Ilonney both secured bronze medals.

In an interview with UNAIR NEWS, Yasir admitted that this is not his first time winning in the SIMPIC 2024. It hasn’t been easy for him to maintain such achievements over the last three years.

Yasir’s great motivation is one of the secrets to his continued success. It motivates him to make the most of every chance and keep learning.

His motivation also fosters a sense of resilience when confronted with difficult situations. In his case, he prepared for the competition while serving as a co-assistant.

“This competition was my biggest challenge as I had to juggle two things simultaneously. Some of the obstacles during the competition were the advanced timeline from the previous year and the preparation with a relatively short time,” he added.

That did not prevent him from giving a commendable performance at the competition. He and his teammates used their free time during co-assistance period to study together. Their efforts paid off, with them winning silver and bronze medals.

“This is what students should learn as they experience problems in their academic careers. Believe that the struggle for will bring sweet results,” he remarked.

The young doctor expressed gratitude for the full support from FK UNAIR. With their support, Yasir maintained his success in SIMPIC, motivating him to keep making FK UNAIR proud on the international level.

In the end, he calls fellow students not to be hesitant of participating in international competitions, as it can enhance their insights and medical knowledge beyond the campus.

“To achieve our highest dreams, we must be willing to go beyond our comfort zones. Insya Allah, our efforts will provide the greatest results,” he said.

Author: Satrio Dwi Naryo

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia