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UNAIR Accounting Department ranked first in QS citation

The Accounting Department of UNAIR ranked first in QS Citation. (Photo: Zoom ScreenShot)

UNAIR NEWSUniversitas Airlangga has made another achievement. Based on the QS Top University data from 2016 to 2021, UNAIR’s citation score in the Accounting and Finance field was the highest in Indonesia.

Responding to this achievement, the Secretary of Accounting Department of UNAIR, Nadia Anridho S Ak MBA PhD, said that the achievement was a factor that supported UNAIR Accounting Department to enter the Top 200 accounting departments in the world.

“This was a very proud achievement, but also it was a challenge to keep maintaining this,” she said to UNAIR NEWS on May 23, 2022.

According to her, it was an accomplishment, considering the difficulty of publishing journal articles in the Accounting field. The competition in journal publications that specifically discuss accounting is tough.

“Well, previously, the majority of our lecturers published in the business and management field. Because they are more general. It’s more potential to enter there. However, if it is specific, then it is Accounting field, and it is a very proud achievement,” she stated.

Secretary of UNAIR Accounting Department, Nadia Anridho S Ak MBA PhD. (Photo: By courtesy)

Nevertheless, Nadia said that FEB does not implement special regulation to achieve this. “We align with UNAIR’s strategy on how to improve the accounting department, especially in international exposure. Mainly to collaborate with (international, ed) universities,” explained Nadia.

The proof of this, she continued, was the collaboration with some FEB UNAIR lecturers with foreign academicians. “This could boost publication accomplishment and citation,” explained the expert on international business strategy.

Nadia stated that FEB holds regular guest lectures to facilitate such accomplishments. The guest lecture presents foreign academicians, especially from top universities.

“From there, usually future collaboration can be proceeded, such as collaborative research,” said the alumna of China Culture University.

Besides collaboration with foreign academicians, UNAIR students are also included in research projects conducted by FEB lecturers. It was done to make sure that FEB UNAIR provided qualified graduates.

“Students should not only think about graduation, getting a degree, done, that’s it. No, it’s should not be that way,” she mentioned.

After making the achievement, she hoped that the Accounting Department could maintain and even improve it. “We hope we could improve the Accounting Department to be better, especially to support UNAIR and achieve a world-class level,” Nadia concluded.

Author: Ghulam Phasa Pambayung Editor: Nuri Hermawan