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UNAIR adds its list of journals indexed by Scopus

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga ( UNAIR ) has added another journal to be indexed by Scopus. The journal is the Journal of Occupational Safety and Health ( IJOSH ), published by the Faculty of Public Health ( FKM ) Universitas Airlangga with the support of AHKKIPAKKI East Java Region, and IIHA.

IJOSH is committed to publishing original articles and the latest reviews regarding occupational health and safety. The journal, which is published three times a year in English, has received certification as a scientific journal until August 2026.

Dr Abdul Rohim Tualeka Drs M Kes (Editor in Chief), Putri Ayuni Alayyannur S KM M KKK (Managing Editor), Shintia Yunita Arini S KM M KKK (Managing Editor), and Perin Wulan Yuliyah SPd SE (Section Editor) played an important role in achieving the success of the IJOSH Journal which was successfully included in Scopus indexation. This brilliant achievement was marked by the official indexing of the IJOSH Journal on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

“The number of UNAIR journals indexed by Scopus is 11 journals with 4 journals from FKM. The IJOSH Journal aims to publish original articles and review articles about the latest developments related to occupational health and safety,” said one of the managing editors, Putri.

The IJOSH Journal has a main focus on Occupational Safety and Health, broadening horizons by discussing various aspects, including Industrial Taxology, Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Psychology, Ergonomics, Fire Protection Systems, Safety Management, and Risk Analysis. Exploring crucial issues in this field, the IJOSH journal is a knowledge-rich guide for readers interested in exploring the important dimensions of health and safety in industrial environments.

“The background and journey towards indexing this journal in Scopus involved direction from FKM and support from the institution that oversees IJOSH, LIPJPHKI. We carry out benchmarking with various journals that have been indexed by Scopus, both domestically and abroad,” explained Putri.

In carrying out the IJOSH journal editorial process, focus is given to article selection through a series of strict stages. This process includes article screening, plagiarism checking, blind review by two reviewers in its field, as well as a series of editorial processes including follow-up on results from reviewers, checking articles word by word, and consistency in writing.

“Some authors consider that the editorial session is a long session, but we remain determined to carry out each stage to produce quality articles,” said Putri.

Putri hoped that IJOSH would become even more popular in the future. Because she and the team felt that the diversity of IJOSH authors is still lacking, the majority still come from the Asian and African continents. Moreover, she rarely gets articles from authors in America, Europe, and Australia.

Author: Maissy Ar Maghfiroh

Editor: Feri Fenoria