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UNAIR alumnus develops sociopreneurship-based start-up on processing used cooking oil

Abdul Rohman, FEB UNAIR alumnus and GELATAH pioneer (Photo: Personal documentation)
Abdul Rohman, FEB UNAIR alumnus and GELATAH pioneer (Photo: Personal documentation)

UNAIR NEWSUniversitas Airlangga (UNAIR) continues to produce inspiring people. One of them, Abdul Rohman, a graduate of FEB UNAIR’s Accounting program, successfully developed his business called GELATAH. Because of his business, he was named outstanding graduate of UNAIR in March 2024.

Since childhood, he has aspired to be a businessman. He believes that business is a field where one can develop leadership skills, the ability to take initiative, and to overcome challenges.

Abdul wants to develop this business to help the economy of the community. He wants to create jobs, provide quality products, and contribute to national economic growth.

Abdul explained that GELATAH is a startup that focuses on processing used cooking oil based on sociopreneurship. Abdul started GELATAH when he was a student. So far, GELATAH has produced various products such as soap, candles, biodiesel, and used cooking oil collection services throughout East Java.

GELATAH has also managed to expand widely. His business has successfully established partnerships with more than 60 institutions. “Alhamdulillah, GELATAH has managed to work with more than 60 institutions of schools and organizations. Our focus at GELATAH is not only on profit but also on giving impact to the community,” he said.

It has not been easy for Abdul to grow his business. He admits that he had to work hard to introduce his services and products to the public, especially in the early days of his business. “I had to work hard to introduce our services, build relationships with customers and add value to the market,” Abdul said.

Abdul said he faced several obstacles and challenges. Abdul had to manage his time between college and business. Abdul’s strategy for juggling between activities is to prioritize and remain consistent. “I always try to optimize the free time I have so that all the work can be done well,” he said.

In the end, Abdul advised students to be wiser with their time. He believes it is important for students to focus on their goals and aspirations.

“And we have to think ahead, because if we only focus on studying, what will we do when we graduate? There are many competitors who have more experience. It will be difficult if we don’t have more value than others,” he said. (RF/AP)